Hi…is it possible that with some meals the spike is minimal? And to spike a little and go down a little??
Yep, I’m looking at the CGM a lot. I am curious to know how my body reacts, that’s all.

Hi @HopeFloats2020 . Yes to both your questions. There are a few reasons: insulin on board (left over from a previous bolus/injection); how far in advance you took the insulin; glycemic index - some foods cause a rapid rise in glucose followed by a fall, while others with the same carb count cause less of a rise and level off.

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@wadawabbit makes sense, thanks Dorie. I appreciate the feedback.

Always a pleasure. I hope you’re adjusting to your CGM and getting added peace of mind. I really like being able to “sneak a peek” if I’m at the store/work/class/exercising… to see how I’m doing without pulling out the other “tools of the trade” - as well as having alerts, of course.
BTW, there are shields and over patches you can get if you want something a little extra to protect your investment. I got fun colorful ones from Amazon but I think Dexcom provides free patches if you ask. You may not need them but they might prove helpful if you’re clumsy like me and brush up against something, or if you sweat a lot.

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Hi! Yeah, a lot more peace of mind overnight. I make sure to have a small snack before bedtime and that I don’t go over 140.
I have already ordered the overlays from Dexcom. This one since Thursday morning is so far, so good.
That is your arm, yes? Mine is on my abdomen.

That’s me! I use different areas - have inserted so many needles, infusion sets and CGMS into my body - mostly abdomen - I use different places to avoid/prevent scar tissue. You should not have to worry about that for a while.

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So the G6 can be put on arm? I may switch it up if I find myself bumping into stuff.

I don’t think the arm is formally approved but many people use it. I imagine it’s a matter caution and going through reviews before they decide to give the arm a thumbs up.
Check the documentation for approved sites - you’ll find plenty of areas to choose from - and see what your doctor says.

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@HopeFloats2020, @wadawabbit has excellent advice! I’ve been rotating abdomen and arms as well. I read on a couple of forums (blogs and FUD) that arms were formally approved by Dexcom in Feb 2020, but I haven’t seen anything official from Dexcom…all the Dexcom literature seems to still say abdomen for adults. However, a couple of Dexcom Warriors have certainly recommended the practice and, on the logic side, if it works for younger people, why not older people? I haven’t noticed any difference personally and it’s much more convenient for clothing compatibility, and I think protection from bumps, than the abdomen. Only con is be aware of how you sleep; side sleepers can easily get “compression” lows from laying on the sensor and cutting off fluid flow to the area depending on placement on the arm.

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Hi for the last 2 years with my g6 I have used skin prep wipes #420400 only apply to the outsides of the sensor there is lines to guide you. I have never ever had the sensors come off. I apply the sensors on my gut and upper arms, try it, looks and feels a lot better than all that taped what not. Bet you will like how it works.

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Yes! I have minimal spikes from several foods. The one that actually surprised me the most was chili with kidney beans. I googled it and surprisingly kidney beans were really low GI and the meat from the hamburger makes my spike almost non existent. That’s why I love my cgm too- to see what spikes me like crazy and what doesn’t. One of my favorite cgm spots (not approved) but works best for me is actually the top of my thighs. I find my cgm sticks well and it’s always within 15 points of my meter which is hit or miss for me with my arm. My stomach can be a good spot but definitely the spot where my adhesive is most likely to crumble.


@Tee25 the CGM definitely has some benefits!

Sorry for the late reply. I eat original unsweetened, instant oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning. I add 1/4 c. walnuts to it and 1 large teaspoon of peanut butter. ( I need to gain weight). Most times I don’t need any insulin at all when I eat this. If I do get a little high, I bolus .4 units. I am small and petite so don’t need much.

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@Tlholz thanks! I tend to be a side sleeper so I bet that could be the reason that once in awhile I get a low alert overnight.

@happyquilter thanks for the response! Always glad to hear the stories.