Spikes in BS... Followed by normal readings

So after talking to a few Juvenation members, I'm beginning to wonder if my dosage of insulin is right for me.  I'm currently only taking Lantus, and basically no bolus at all.   My last A1c was 7.0 so not bad, but could be better.  However recently I've been noticing more spikes after meals, that take much longer to return to normal but they do however.  I'm taking 20U of Lantus in the mornings and my doctor has said before that he wants me to shoot for a BS around 140(7.8) before bed and then lower than 120(6.6) out of bed.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining about my out of bed readings the last few mornings, it's just that they SHOULD be high based on my before bed readings.  These are my last 3 days.



BS after meal @ 6:50PM: 286 (15.8)

BS after workout @ 9:38PM:  143 (7.9)


BS morning @ 9:03AM:  111 (6.1)

BS before bed @ 11:55PM:  233 (12.9)


BS morning @ 8:17AM:  108 (6.0)

BS before bed @ 9:25PM: 221 (12.2)


BS morning @ 8:59AM:  108 (6.0)


Should I just not be concerned with the spikes since?

Hey Matt - it's hard to tell being I can't tell what your were between those readings - on 6/29 and 6/30 for example.  Is there a reason your doc has you on lantus only?  Sorry if you've posted that before but I haven't seen it.  I have been under the assumption that if you are not on a pump, docs will have you give a long acting insulin as a basal rate and then a fast acting for boluses.

hey Matt, sorry if you explained it somewhere else... but you are a honeymooning t1 (A Type 1 diabetic that still makes their own insulin) ... right?

You might want to start a more traditional testing plan.  Test before every meal, and then 2 hours after every meal.  Test first thing in the AM and before bed.   That's about 7 a day.  It will give you a better profile and valuable information regarding food and how it affects you.  Your endocrinologist can give youtarget numbers for before and 2 hours after a meal but I like ~100 and ~150.

to be honest, 280+ really is bad for you.  In general for a honeymooning t1,  if you have a problem with a certain meal time, or you have a problem with, say eating a bowl of sticky rice, you might want to consider reducing carbs a little and exercise after.

If you are in a honeymoon, you will eventually need to bolus for meals someday (with a fast acting like Humalog), and do a lot more testing, because you will eventually stop making you own insulin.  Your endocrinologist can help you transition, and good luck to ya.