Spilling lots of sugar?

The past 3 times I have went to my OBGYN he tested my urine and told me it was 300+. However... my blood has always been normal. My urine was 300+ today and my blood was 110. My doctor said he thought I was just spilling sugar in my urine, it may have something to do with my kidney functioning. Does anyone know anything about this. Is it normal? I am pretty good with controlling my diabetes (I am also on a pump) but I've only had this for about 2 yrs so I'm still learning stuff...

Oh and by the way, someone else (not my doctor) told me it could be related to what I'm eating before I take the urine test. Today before my test I had a small bowl of beans, I bolused for 30 carbs and my post meal number was right in range. My doctor seems to think it has to do with my kidney filtration though... Any thoughts...?

I've had my doctor tell me I was spilling sugar a few times too, and she said it was related to what I ate for breakfast before my appt. Other than that I really don't know :-/

went to the doctor Thursday and it was the first time i wasn't spilling any sugar! Yay!