Splenda and fertility?

Hi ladies!

As some of you know, my husband and I have been TTC for a good while now, about 6 months. And I'm starting to wonder if Splenda effects one's fertility. My periods are regular and I had an ultrasound last fall...the doctor said all looks normal. I'm just wondering if eating Splenda A LOT can cause problems. I started to google it, but of course there's always a bunch of literature against any kind of artificial sweeteners...it's not like we have a choice though! I use Splenda regularly to sweeten my tea, plain yogurt, and use it in recipes. I also consume products that also contain Splenda...jellies and jams, syrups, etc. Any thoughts or knowledge on the topic? Have your doctors ever given you any insight?

Thanks so much!

I don't know about the affects on fertility, but I personally don't like any artificial sweeteners.  Our bodies know what to do with sugar, they don't know how to deal with the artificially man made stuff.  I believe you do have a choice - its not that you can't EVER have sugar, it is all about balance and not having too much.  Everything you eat basically gets broken down to sugar in the end - and you body deals with it.   I have had T1 for 22 years, been in good control and haven't used artificial sweeteners.

I am a big believer in limiting how much sugar you add, versus adding as much artificial sugar as you want, or limiting the amount of a sweet food you eat, versus a bigger slice with Splenda or something.   You can find a balance without the man made sweeteners.  Now of course this may be easier for some, and having some artificial sweetener is ok, but I think it should be a mix of natural sugar with supplemental artificials.

But that is just my thought, I don't know about any studies relating artificial sweeteners to fertility or other problems (except maybe cancer, I believe there have been studies on that), but I think the more natural foods we eat, the better it is for our body in general.



I've been a type 1 for 23 years and I have to say I agree with Cindy.  I cannot eat Splenda.  It literally could kill me.  If I started at 100 and drank a regular Coke, I'd be 250 or 300 in a hour or two.  If I drank a Diet Coke with Splenda, I'd be 600-800 within 30 mins.  This was obviously extremely dangerous to find out when Splenda first arrived on the scene.  I cannot eat anything with Splenda in it and because of how it affects me, I'm extremely suspicious of it.  It affects my aunt (also a type 1) the same way.


I have gotten my family to not eat Splenda and most of my friends.  I don't believe something that affects me like that could be good for anyone.  I have to read the label on every food I buy. Sucralose is the chemical name, watch out for it. I don't eat anything that has Sugar Alcohols on the label (find it under Sugars in the Carbohydrates section).

I don't know anything about Splenda and fertility, but if you're suspicious of it, why not cut it out completely and see if things change? I always think of my life as a science experiment.  I tested the Splenda thing a few times and always got the same dangerous results.

Good luck!

MIchelle...thank you sooooo much for posting this...I was using stevia for an occasional sweetner then I ran out so I opened up the splenda and my blood sugars have been going higher for some reaason like I was eating regular syrup...that makes so much sense.  Thank you.  I will steer clear


I've eaten artificial sweetners for 34 years.  I love Splenda and eat it daily.  Splenda doesn't affect my blood sugars at all.  Never had any type of fertility or health problem.