Has anyone ran into a situation where there is a dessert someone has made to better accomodate your diabetes, but then they ruin it by not eating some of it themselves because they can tell a difference between "real sugar" and "splenda?" Can anyone else tell a difference?  I can't. 

Ummmmm I can't Really tell a difference but I have heard that myself.  I made white chocolate chip cookies this weekend for my boyfriend and used Splenda and Splenda brown sugar cause I don't have real sugar in my house lol.  He loved them and said they tasted like real sugar, even some other people I gave cookies to. 

Sometimes I do taste a difference, I can't really explain what it tastes like though.. but sometimes I feel like it's sweeter than real sugar, but then again.. when's the last time I had cookies with REAL sugar.....it's been a while, hehehe

Out of curiosity, what was the dessert they made for you??

I can't tell the difference when I bake with it, just if something has the "fake" sugar instead of the real stuff like diet pop vs pop or yogurt with splenda in it vs. yogurt that is just natural. 

I agree, its a tad bit sweeter. They made a cheesecake for me to have, but scoffed looked at it like it was the most disgusting thing ever! Its been awhile to since I have had REAL sugar too :) I guess it was the response that confused me...because I can't really tell the difference. When I make something for people to eat, I would never act like it was something that disgusts me and then expect others to want to eat it or enjoy it, know what I mean?

Haha, I have actually had this debate.

Personally, I can tell the difference and so can many of the people I know that have actually been baking for some time.  Sugar itself molecularly changes so many different variables.  Take the "Pepsi" challenge LOL.  Bake two items and see what you think I am really interested if anyone truly cannot tell the difference. 

I agree.. Now I wonder if people can tell the difference and think my baking is gross and don't tell me!!

Wow.. never thought of that before lol.  I would of been a little disapointed with someone's reaction too.  It's like, Ok thanks for the cake but CMON!


I try to avoid Splenda personally, I don't like sweeteners..they all taste like cardboard IMO. I generally can tell the difference if there's a large amount of it. If it's in coffee I really taste it and usually throw the coffee away!

Sweeteners aren't really that much better for you than eating loads of real sugar..might as well take an extra unit of insulin and eat real sugar(I prefer brown sugar).

I haven't had problems with other people doing that with food..but my mom is like that with Diet and Regular coke. Whenever we eat out together and we both get pop..she has to take like 5 little sips and "test" her drink to make sure they didn't give her diet cuz the chemicals they add in give her headaches. Sometimes she complains and sends it back anyways. It's kinda annoying(tho I don't think she does it intentionally) cuz she's very vocal about it usually.


It reminds me of this comedian commenting about exchanges between he and his wife.  They generally went like:

Her: "*sniff* *sniff* - ewwww - OMG- ummm - ewww Honey - think this is spoiled... ummm - Taste this!"

Him: "If you think it's spoiled... What makes you think I WANT TO TASTE IT?!?!?!?"

Okay - it's not exactly related but the image seemed a near parallel in my (somewhat tiny) mind...

I have had this happen and I want to thank you.  As I started writing this down, it occurred to me there is a correct response to that type of offering:  Take a bite and make a face  similar to the one they made – when they ask if it’s okay simply say “Oh, yes – I expect it’s fine – I imagine most of your desserts taste this way…” <WEG>

I know , I know – hard to imagine why I don’t get more second invites out… :P


(the ever-home-bound)A-D




I LOVE that response!!!! Good thinking! Kind of a "give em a dose of their own medicine" type of deal. It would work!

I personally love splenda. I think it tastes better than real sugar. has anyone tried Truvia? it tastes pretty gross

I noticed the biggest difference in cakes.  The cake was more plasticly and dense.

In my personal opinion I prefer equal over splenda or sweet n low anyday. I have a story. When my mom bakes pumpkin pies for the holidays she will bake 2 kinds. One is for myself and my dad made with equal instead of sugar using the recipe on the pumpkin can. The other (with sugar) is for her, my sister and her family to eat. Well about 2 yrs. ago she only had the "diabetic" ( for lack of another proper title) pie cooked the other was in progress to be finished shortly after the meal. My sister, her husband and 2 children came over for dinner. When it was time for dessert they ate the pie and never noticed a difference until my mom told them afterwards. They were pleasantly surprised that it was just as good as the regular pie with just a slight difference in taste. It was funny, a pie usually lasts my dad and I 2 days or so, it was all gone that evening because they all had 2 pieces, lol.

I do not personally like most foods such as desserts made with sugar they're usually to sweet or bitter for my taste buds. I've been using equal since 1983 when I was diagnosed.

I personally don't care if someone else doesn't like a no-sugar, reduced sugar, non-fat, low-fat dessert, that just means more for me!...ha,ha!  My siblings use to make fun of my low-fat, low sugar food selections over the years, guess who's laughing now?  They all have a lot of weight to lose.  Eat what you like, who cares if someone else thinks it's grose.  Enjoy the Splenda!

P.S.  Do watch out for the Sorbitol content in sugar-free items, it will tear your stomach up if you eat too much or you are not use to eating it at all.


I usually use stevia or now, truvia but when I cook  for the family I use splenda.  My Dad is the only one who use to complain and say he could tell.  After a while I just didn't tell anyone if it had sugar or splenda and he no longer "complained" that he could tell.  I would mix them up on the table just to see if I could fool him.  He never knew.

I am so glad I joined this website! If I eat a rich dessert, I would rather it just be made with natural sugar and suffer the consiquences later. LOL!



Sorbitol does upset my stomach. I found that out when I was first diagnosed and my parents filled my easter basket with a ton of sugar free candy and I was soooo excited! Well, I ripped through the basket eating ALOT in one day. I really suffered after that! LOL!




Sometimes I will eat "regular" sugar desserts too and take more insulin, rather than suffer from the effects from Sorbitol!  I can't help but laugh when non-diabetics say they ate a bag of sorbitol candy and did not know the consequences.  Now I know, the package labels actually have a warning on them also.  Beware!



I almost always eat regular stuff and try to restict portions more than avoid any given item...  For me, worse than sorbitol is maltitol...  I am pretty sure that stuff should be a restricted substance... *yikes*





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hahahhahahahahaha - thought it was comical.

LOL Andree!!! You know, I love Chuck Norris jokes!!! My favorite person who makes cracks at him is Conan O'Brien!



I think those ingredients should be outlawed too. It can't be healthy. I mean really, the kind of adverse effects and the warning signs...I mean C'mon!