Sports and Pumps

Ok so i went to the DD 3 days ago and he put a pump thing in me, he capped it and told me to tell him how it worked, it worked great never felt the thing actually forgot about it... literaly! so i really want one but do the tubes stick out, (is it really noticable?) and would it work well with football?

hey i have the miniMed Paradiem and i coudn't really deal wit how annoying it got in prctices for softball or basketball. it would almost always fall off slidding into bases for softball and a few times some of the girls would accidently get ahold of the tub in basketball and that stung a little i never got a sit ripped out but i left it for a while. but i know of a guy thats wears his in football and never had a problem and my doctor told me i could un hook for no more then 2 hours so if the tubing and pump part get in the way you might see if you could do the same but back to for football his only problem was if he got hit were his pump was it would sometimes get brokn and would have to get a new one other then that he never had a problem with the pump and football but its all about the person and how it fits your life style

You can also find sport straps for the pump.  Just look up "insulin pump accessories" online.  You'll come across several sites, but I usually go to minimed's store since I have a minimed pump and you need an account on their site to access their store.  But here's some other's I've found:,  or something like this:

While I am not an all out aggressive sport player, I have had my pump during some soccer scrimmages and ultimate games. I really have not had many major issues with tear outs or droppages. Yes, you need to be more carefull and aware at times, but it should not stop you if you were to get one.

The only pull out issue I had was during a hectic game of ultimate, I was chasing down a disc and when I jumped into the air over one of my firends he grabbed my shirt and happily pulled my tubing loose, not out and ripped my sensor out (that was painful). It has not happened since and it was a freak occurence. Will it happen? Most likely! Will it happen often? That is up to you.