Sports and tslim/omnipod

i play golf allllll the time and with golf comes sweat and my dexcom has a hard time holding on with the sweat since i live in the south and the humidity is insane. i was wondering about the tslim and the omnipod how they perform during lots of physical activity to help make my decision between the two pumps. i’m on dexcom g6 so tslim sounds nice but the tubing is a concern.

i commented on your other post, i live in nc so we have alot of heat and humidity here… i use a dexcom g6, and the omnipod combo… my fav hobby is to ride dirtbikes, which during the summer time if brutal, you wear full gear and really hot for the most part. i also have a pool and love to swim… i have had no issues with riding dirtbikes, mountain bikes, or any other activity with the omnipod or the dexcom… i do have to add a overlay patch for swimming in the pool if i am planning on spending alot of time at the pool(like a whole day) skintac also works great for the dexcom and i havent had to use it with the omnipod.

pros for omnipod
small foot print
lots of options for where you can wear it
very discrete if you want it to be
will be the first pump that tidepool launches a closed loop with g6
only pump that is covered under pharmacy benefits

only holds 200 units
have to have a pdm to control it(for now) see above
higher cost over the long run depending on insurance
something goes wrong you cant fix it, have to throw it away(omnipod will replace)

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You have to try Skin Tac. I use it with my Libre CGM and occasionally with my Tandem insets. I have had to tear the CGM sensor off after 14 days, and its tough, so it works really well. The only place I have found Skin Tac is online at Amazon.

BTW, I have had a Tslim for 4 years and have only twice snagged the tube on something. The only negative to Tslim is the belt carrier that comes with it has no cover over the screen, so the second day I had it I put a deep scratch across the screen from a corner of a granite counter top. Myabetic used to make a nice carrier for it with a cover, but they don’t seem to make it any longer. If I want to be discrete, I take the pump out of the carrier and just slip it in my pocket. Very little of the tube shows that way.