Is there anything special that anyone does when playing sports? I've been playing soccer since pre-school, but now I'm doing cheer and swimming back to back every night and I'm all over the place. Before when it was only soccer we just kinda took what ever was threw at us with out any ccomplaints. But almost every night I have swimming and almost every night I have to get out of the pool early because of a low blood sugar. Is there anything I could do to make it a little better?

Sometimes before i go run around at soccer i just have a juice box even if y nunber is perfect so maybe ou want to try that.

drink gatorade or if u have a pump stop usage   if u ake a rest drink some more gatorade

srry i ment take

I would drink gatoraid if my bs was low put if you have a pump take your pump off during sports if your bs runs high correct it because anything eles would send it high just make sure to check your bs and put you pump back on befor anything eles happens

When I do speed skating I usually do an insulin reduction and test before races or what ever and take carbs accordingly. I do it differently for different sports though. For instance cycling: I'd take a reduction of like 20% or something and then take 1 carb for how ever many km im going to go. =)

Have you tried reducing your basal rates? I did when I was running on track this season, and it worked really well. No low blood sugar! :)