I have been diagnosed with diabetes 5 years Went to Er when I was in the end of 2nd grade never have been able to get my sugars straight and about a month ago I went back to the Er finding i had a uti (urinary tracking infection) which could make your blood sugars crazy if you have diabetes to so the doctors there changed my factors for calculating meals and now since then my sugars have been in the 30s- 90s So I may get the pump and I don’t know wether I would wear the pump when I play at my basketball games

pumps can be “turned down” when you are super active - like when you are playing basketball, or some can be taken off completely - depends on the pump and on what you like to do.

Hi, i played basketball for around ten years and I usually never wore my pump. I had te minimed, which I love, but it’s kind of large and I didn’t want to break it. If you get a pump that’s less bulky you can always turn you background insulin down about four hours prior to the game. This should run you a little higher so you’ll be in a safe spot for physical activity. However, for me, basketball skyrocketed my sugars, but it might not do the same for you. I’d play it by ear. I hope this helped.