Spotty connection with Dexcom g6

Hi! Sloane here. I am 11 and have been a diabetic for about 2 months now. I recently got a Dexcom g6 Sensor. It’s a life changer, but we were having problems with it losing connection even when my phone is right next to me. Any suggestions?

@SloaneR hi Sloane, you might have a weak or bad transmitter. Call dex help and go through it with them. Did you pair the factory receiver ? Does it do the same thing? You phones Bluetooth receiver may possibly be faulty as well. Good luck

Thank you for your advice! We will be sure to call Dexcom and see if they can help us out.

Hi @SloaneR ,

Welcome and congratulations on starting your CGM, I hope your experiences improve. My son has been on Dexcom sensors for about 1 ½ years, since he was your age. We’ve run into these kinds of problems too. I’ve spoken with the Dexcom support line a few times, and they usually recommend a “soft restart” of the phone, which has helped us most times. To do this, you have to hold the home button and the power button down at the same time until the phone turns off, usually less than 10 seconds. When you turn it on again, restart your Dexcom app and it should correct the problem.

Best wishes!

Hi Sloane,

You don’t mention a specific phone, but have you confirmed that your phone is on the Dexcom list of compatible phones? If you haven’t checked, it’s worth doing so.

Best of luck.

Our quick tricks are:
1-Close the app and reopen or
2-Go to settings and put on airplane mode, go back to app (it will say no internet or something, close the app, turn airplane mode off and reopen the app. That little reset works some of the time.
But yes, some stretches of time are worse than others and it can be very frustrating. But it’s worth it the other 85% of the time.

All good suggestions above. One thing we have encountered with our son’s Dexcom is that it was competing with other Bluetooth devices also connected to his phone. We removed several devices (old transmitters were even listed on device list!) with much improvement. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone! I have used your suggestions and they all work quite well.