Spring Loaded

I have always had a problem getting my infusion set in with an insertor. Many a mental breakdown years ago with it and Minimed, so I switched to a Sure-T, which is a manual insert. However, switching to Animas only has sets with insertors. And I still can't do it. It doesn't hurt at all, just the mental prep is hard. I can't bring myself to push the button in a timely fashion. Suggestions on how to make it easier?


The mental prep is probably one of the hardest things. I had that issue more with the quikset than the silhouette. For some reason the whole entire idea of using the spring loaded devices freaks me out a little bit. You can get by it just by either doing it or closing your eyes and making the mental prep and knowing that it is fine. I mean it is not the pain I am afraid and I can only hazard a guess that it is the same with you as well. Animas has other options out there though than just ones with the built in serter. I know they have the options for both of the other Medtronic infusion sets. The thing is with both of the medtronic sets you can do them manually. You do not need to use the serter. I mean it can be more comfortable but it is still possible to do it with out. I went with the silhouette style for that reason. Sometimes I would use the serter but on days when I did not want to deal with the mental prep I would do it manually.

Hi Carrie,

What type of Animas set is it... the straight or side angle?

currently using the side angle Animas. I miss the manual silhouttes. Brian, that's exactly what's happening with me, but Animas doesn't have any that I can use manually.


I have a HUGE fear of things with triggers.  I always have trouble at first.  My frst finger "autolance" was nicknamed "The Guillotine" I threw it in the garbage.    Here's my experience with the CGM SenSerter  - http://diabetescommunity.dlife.com/joe_licorice/blog/2009/04/24/just_pull_the_trigger

The whole thing comes down to practice and repition.  Mental preparation is more like this: don't fill your head with I can't statements.... it helps.

Regarding my condition - I have learned to accept my avoidance by reminding myself that hundreds of my ancestors survived the savage wild because among other things)  they were naturally selected to fear springs with sharp needles on the ends of them..... good enough for me, undoing a hundred generations of genetics is hard work!

=)  Positive self talk, breathe, rythm, breathe, celebrate success no matter how small, affirmations, and breathe!


Doesn't Animas accept other infusion sets?  i guess you can't use Medtronic ones because there's are special (hehe) but what about other companies?


Animas has it's own luer lock connector set of the Silhouette. As long as it is a luer lock it will work with the Animas. Plus it says right on the page that you can use the serter or do it manually. The link is here.

You have a wide variety of sets to choose from since the Animas has a luer lock connection.  You don't have to use the Animas sets.  As someone else mentioned, Minimed sells Silhouettes with a luer lock connection.  Other companies market a set that is the same as the Sure-T under different names.  I think Contact Detach and Rapid-D are both the same as Sure-T and are also available with longer tubing.  Find out what providers are in-network with your insurance and order the sets you really want from someone other than Animas.

Hi Carrie,

I use the Animas 2020 pump.  When I met with my trainer, she "sold" me on the MANUAL infusion set called Comfort Short; "short" because it has a 9mm cannula as opposed to 13 mm.  The funny part is that these ones were not listed on the Animas product order sheet at all.  However, I order my supplies from a website called diabetesexpress.ca (in Canada) and I have never had any problem getting my infusion sets.  Check them out!

The others are definitely right about using infusion sets from other companies, just so long as they use the Luerr lock connectors.

Good luck!