Squids Hate Diabetes

As a founder of juvenation, I have a confession to make- I belong to other social network communities. Yep, I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.

We all belong to so many different communities, and the compassion sometimes bridges over from one community to another. I wanted to share with the juvenation members, the news of how another online community has done this in a remarkable fashion.

Squidoo a knowledge sharing network (where I also belong) has generously decided to help support our cause. Last week, the thousands of members at SQUIDOO DONATED $50,000 to our JDRF walk team in NC (Cassie's Care Team). They were able to do this from the ad revenue that their individually built pages have generated. Pennies from Google ads add up, and the gang at squidoo was able to amass a hefty number of pennies for diabetes research.

I'm incredibly humbled and so very grateful to all our friends who share our passion - especially to our lensmaster friends at Squidoo. Next time you see a squid please thank them. If you don't know any, I'd urge you to check out their site and maybe become one yourself.

Do YOU belong to other social networks? Have they helped you out with support?
(It's OK I won't be jealous) :-)

~ Red

that's super fantastic! big-giant-hitchhiker's thumbs up to squiddoo!

i'm part of facebook and twitter... as are millions of other people. i like to remain as anonymous as possible, so i don't join too many internet thingies. i would also say i was bullied into joining twitter ;o) i wanted to be one of the cool kids... :D

I joined twitter reluctantly. It can be super addicting. Unfortunately, I didn't become a cool kid after joining. Drat!

My friends on Facebook have rallied during walk season to give to our team. Even though Facebook is the biggest social network, I don't think that site is the best at deep knowledge sharing (like juvenation) or for helping charities.

Squidoo has always given back to charity since day 1. Members can direct which charities the proceeds from their lenses should go to. They've given to JDRF consistently over their entire history and they made a huge donation this year to celebrate their 5th birthday.


Wow, that's wonderful news!  It's a little mind-blowing to me how integrated the world is now with so much social media use.  The world seems smaller.

Like C, I use Facebook and Twitter.  I'm also a member on TuDiabetes, dLife, WEGO Health, the ADA's Diabetic Connect, and probably some other sites I'm forgetting at the moment.  :)

P.S. I liked your post on Diabetes Mine today - left you a comment about it before I saw that you had posted this thread!

Thanks Kim- the diabetesmine post today has gotten alot of hits. now strangers are following me on twitter. wild.

PS I also love everything that Manny (Hernandez) is doing on TuDiabetes. That's another great source of d info - especially for hipster adults with t1

Hello Red, it is nice meeting you. You have founded a wonderful site here at Juve. Thanks! I am an old timer (71), but I feel comfortable here. Gina says the average age here is in the 20s. Nobody has asked me to leave, so far. Lol!

That is very cool that the Squids have helped JDRF's walk team in NC. I am impressed.

I belong to the same sites that Kim does and a few more. I like diabetesdaily.com, and diabetesforums.com, I moderate on diabetesforum.com. I also post on a UK site where several diabetics are getting pumps. This was unheard of a few years ago. There are not many members there who pump, so they are grateful to have me help them out as they start their pumping adventures.

There is not enough time to help on all these sites everyday, but I keep in touch and have made many friends. It is fun to Skype with some of them.

Richard- that's the beauty of social networks like juvenation- we all get to learn from the wisdom of folks like you. You're an inspiration to us all to be so active in the community at 71!

I'll be sure to check out the diabetesforums.com site too. Thanks for the tip.