St John's Wort?

Hi all, I decided I wanted to try St. John’s Wort for treatment of anxiety/depression issues. No need to ask, Im fine. Has anyone used this supplement, and did it result in very elevated BS readings? This has been nuts for me, I cant get my sugars down and am pumping 2x as much as I typically would(I havent checked total daily dose so this maybe a slight exaggeration but it is close). Ive gone through WAY to many infusion sets thinking that was the issue.I have found little online re; SJW and T1D. What I have found seems conflicting…Im almost at year 40 with T1D, female, 49yrs old, tslim,dex . SJW for close to 2 weeks at less than daily recommendation.Any input? Yes, I know I should ask my endo but am starting with community.

Hi @Rachoze and welcome back. I hope you get some feedback from forum members who have used SJW - I have not - but if it were me I would stop it and see if my numbers went back to normal. What’s most important is how it affects your body, and this should let you know if it’s the herb or something coincidental. I don’t know whether you can stop “cold turkey” or are supposed to ease off gradually; or how long it takes for SJW to wash out of the system - so check for any guidelines and allow some (##?) days to see results. If SJW is the culprit maybe there are other herbal options you can take.
My husband is from West Africa and believes in using herbs and teas whenever possible, but it’s easy to forget that those can have side effects just as prescriptions do, and might affect blood sugar, blood pressure, and may interact/interfere with other medications. And while it’s natural to think of “natural” as synonymous with “healthy,” they still need to be taken with care and caution.
I hope you find your answers

Thanks so much for your response. I 100% agree. Any med and/or supplement can impact everone differenrly. SJW is known to decrease or interfere with the efficacy(sp) of many meds. I did “research” potential probs, the numer of meds that this shouldnt be taken with is EXTENSIVE! . I dont take them, but it dossnt just end there, esp woth my T1D.I am taking your advice, I will have to stop and monitor how it changes things. Considering what my BS is on just waking, I have no doubt its the SJW. Sleeping hours are when my control is nearly perfect. I dont think a “wash out” will take long since I take so little. Thanks for metioning your husband, I have a work friend from the West Africas who is strictly herbal, and I know she would say"not for you". It reminded me of her:)

Keep us posted!
There’s much to be said for herbal medicine/naturo-pathic treatment - unfortunately we (I include myself here) don’t understand or appreciate its complexity and think “Is natural - it must be okay.” It’s like thinking vegetarianism means eating nothing but salads🙁.
I’m not pointing fingers at you @Rachoze ! - I’ve done it myself, and I do use one of my husband’s teas or fresh herbs for something now and then - but with caution.
Consider this a PSA - if you are interested in herbal treatments, consult with a specialist. Naturo-pathic doctors (NDs) must go through specific medical training in their field so they can advise accordingly.