Star treck or star wars?

so, i just have to ask, which do you think is better, star treck, or star wars?

For me, its star wars. i mean, come on!! star treck is SO LONG!!! and seriously, 'beam me up, scotty"?!?! Who could pull of hair like Padmes? certanly not Scotty!! And does star treck have a cute little green guy named yoda? NO!!!

Star Wars is YODALICIOUS!!!!!!

P.S. may the force be with you 

For us STAR WARS all the way!!!

WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Star treck sucks STINKS!

I have never watched either sorry!

i mean... starwars is cool and all, not many people are better then a stormtrooper, but I'll have to go with Star Trek on this one, it is just a smarter show dealing with real world issues. Spock is my Darthvader, without being evil!


Like jeez! Star trek is wack. Darth Vaders not evil....he's misunderstood.

as awesome as star trek is, gotta go w/ star wars.  it's EPIC.

...also, Stargate anyone?  yes, I am an awesome nerd who watches stargate....

I might have to go with Star Trek (fixed that misspelling) but only the Voyager series...Nerd level just rose way up

/I'll be over there

Star    WARS For me, all the way!

Don't shoot me, I've never like science fiction.