Started back on pump but long acting still in system?

Hi all, I recently too a “pump break” for several months and just started back on the omnipod. I was taking tresiba long acting and humalog. I’m on the same settings as always. My bs has been going through extreme lows and then extreme highs (due to panicked over correcting) . Has anyone made this switch and perhaps the long acting is still in my system? Can’t get hold of my doctor. Any insight? Thank you!

Hi @ShellyJensen100. I am pretty sure that long acting is gone in 48 hours but I saw a study and insulin can affect a non diabetic for a week. Test more and reduce temporary basal in my opinion.

Hi Shelly @ShellyJensen100 - first let me offer you a Welcome to TypeOneNation Forum!
When I switched my management many years ago from rapid-acting and background basal to a pump, the endocrinologist gave me one guide when he told me to figure out basal rates and insulin:carb ratios for meals. The instruction:
“Take an average of your TOTAL daily insulin over several days and distribute 70% of that total between basal and bolus.” So that is what I did, reduced my mealtime bolus ration by 30 percent and then distributed what was left of my “total daily” over the rest of the day - simple division first as a constant per hour which I then refined over time.

Having used a pump before, you may have a pretty good idea of the times of day that your body requires more or less insulin - so use your knowledge to aid distribution of basal.

Thank you for the advice! I should have also mentioned that I am on the Dexcom 6 and I am very over reactive to the double down arrows!

my first pump experience was like that, i was on mdi and switched to omnipod and i couldnt believe what little amount of basal i needed… i think i only used around 80 units total for my first pod (three days)… after that i had to increase i decent amount for my basal… i know the pump is suppose to reduce total amount of insulin as it is absorbed better? but i dont think there is any set number for that… i am currently using about 120-150 units for a pod(three days to 80 hours)