Starting on a pump and my family

I'm starting on a pump at the end of September. I'm in MA going to college, and my mom is in UT, so she can't come to my pump start with me. I wish she could, partly because I want her there, but mostly because I'm sick of answering her questions. My sisters are much closer, but they have to work that day, and so I'm probably going by myself. :(

Do any of you have good websites for learning basics about pumping that I can send my mom to?

Hi aiax, I think I remember you saying before that you are getting a Ping right? I think the Animas Ping website would be a good place to start. They have a whole FAQ section there regarding the Ping, and I believe they even have a section for people who are new to pumping.

I would also check the web site of the pump that you are getting usually there you will find answers to most questions, although the best soluition in an ideal situation would be to have someone there with you but it sounds like that you can not have that happen. A couple of tips is I would take lots of notes on that day. You will forget somethings because you will learn alot on that day.

Also don't be afraid to ask questions. And make sure to follow your blood sugar closely them first couple of weeks because it can take a bit to adjust and your blood sugars can be a pain them first few weeks, until you get your pump where you need to be.

The ping site is pretty good with information on the pump. Also, if you send your mom to wikipedia and have her type in insulin pumps, they do a decent job as well giving answers. Explaining what a basal, bolus, and such are.