Starting School

My son Alex is starting kindergarten this fall (Sep 09).  We are in the process of applying for schools - public and private.  Does anyone have suggestions on how best to orientate the school?

On a side note, it's unbelievably upsetting that some schools won't accept him for being diabetic... for those other parents feeling the same thing; my heart is with yours...



Hi Joel,

My son Easton was diagnosed in September/08, in the first two weeks of starting grade one.  He attends a private school, at first the school was very supportive until some other children wanted there moms at school.  At that point,  they started to change and tell me how I was gonig to manage my sons care and not be in the school as much.  I ended up pulling him out of school until we could come up with structured plans that worked for my son and myself.  I did have to bring professionals from the community to help us with the transition.  We went through a very hard time dealing with the school, Someone told me that the public schools were easier to deal with.  If I had to do it all over again, I would interview a few schools to see if the have experience with diabetes, and how open they are with the parents having alot of presence in the school.


Sorry to hear about your struggles. I appreciate the advice.  We are leaning towards two of the local Catholic schools which already have a diabetic at the school.  The local public school is a charter school and they want to bus Alex to a different school which has a nurse. Illegal, but that is what they are telling us.   Thanks again and I hope Easton is doing well.


Don't know your particulars but charter schools are exempt from the Indiana law.  Kathy Sego was instrumental in getting the  Indiana law passed and is a tireless advocate in making sure it is enforced.  Kathy told me that there are options in handling such situations with charter schools.  It might be a lot easier since you indicated the charter school was a public school.  Let me know if you want or need Kathy's contact information.

Note for those other than Joel that might be reading this:  Indiana has a specific law dealing with diabetes at school.  It came about because of problems that kids like Kathy Sego's son, Hunter, was experiencing at school.  The law is very specific to Indiana only. 

Hunter Sego has a PSA on You Tube at: