Starting to pump with Ping


We have my 5 year old daughter's saline pump start in 2 weeks. We received the pump and have been showing her it. I purchased a Waist-Band from Animas, which I thought would be great for her. She is very tiny and I am trying to find something that is comfortable and not bothersome. She wears a lot of leggings, skirts, and dresses. I do not think a clip will work for us; especially since she will be using the potty and I see that being an issue in itself.

Any ideas for us? I am not a huge fan of the "pump paks- that look like fanny paks". She does not like attention drawn to really anything pertaining to her t1 at this point. She is very discrete and likes to go about her normal everyday life.

I guess we are looking for something relatively small, comfortable and discrete. Does something like that exist?

I would like to purchase something soon as her start is in less than 2 wks!!!

THanks so much for any advice!! :)

Take a look at SPI belts. They are available on many different web sites. They keep the pump closer to the body and have less bounce to them than a pump pouch. They come in solid colors which would be more discrete or in some prints as well. They come in a child's size and the elastic part is very soft. My 8 year old has tried several different ways of securring her pump and SPI belt is by far her favorite. I would stay away from using the clip right now. At such a young age I have found they are too active and it gets knocked off very easily and the clip breaks easily and is about $20 to replace.

Good luck with pumping! It has made such a difference for my daughter, making her feel more "normal" because she can eat when she wants and in her bg control.

Hey!  I use a Ping myself and love it.  The clip works for me 95% of the time, but I'm not a busy little five year old!!!

Maybe take a look at the clothing options at Pump Wear Inc.?  They have undershirts with pockets, for example, plus a lot of "pouch" or "pack" options you won't see on the Animas site.  A lot of them come in cute themes.


I haven't ordered from them personally, though I've been tempted by the pocketed undershirts for ladies, too.

Hi Sara, 

I know that Hallie over at The Princess and the Pump has some way that her 5-year old daughter wears a pump on her back, but I'm afraid I don't know how the configuration works. You might ask her, though... 

I met a three year old diabetic girl the other day the had on a backpack type of pouch. (She was also wearing a dress)it was small and had adjustable straps. I am not sure about details but it would be a good idea if you do not want it getting tangled when going to the bathroom. Hope this Helps 



I also have a question for you:

I am wanting to start on the animas pump and would like to know how you and your  daughter like it :) Please let me know

If she doesn't need to access it, attach to the back of her sundress or an undershirt, between the shoulder blades.  It won't get in the way when she uses the bathroom.  When she gets older it's easier to tuck it in a pant pocket or bra. 

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! I appreciate them all! We purchased the SPI belt and it has been LIFE CHANGING. She is so much happier with it, the belt does not bounce...she doesn't even know it is there! She even keeps it on during her dance class. We purchased two of them but we are definitely buying more! Thank you so much for the reccommendation!!