Steel magnolias

Just saw this for the first time.  what do other diabetics think about the reaction in the beauty parlor.  Realistic or not?

lol not really realistic! Don't you love how one piece of hard candy and juice made her all better?!?

i've never seen it...but that was a horrible movie for my mom to have seen cuz when i got diagnosed according to my dad, she freaked out and thought that was going to happen to me. so she'd call him in a panic all the time for the first few months after i was diagnosed(i was 6) so i don't really wanna see it now....haha

i think its a little over the top lows dont usually spring on that quickly but it is still one of my fav movies and i always cry!!!

I think the movie is horribly acted overall -- aside from Sally Fields' freak out towards the end. 

I was actually in the stage performance of it - I played the old lady - Clairee (Olympia D.'s character).  My best friend directed it and gave the proceeds to the JDRF - (yeah - he's awesome).

He made us do the low blood sugar scene over and over because he "knows what it looks like" from seeing me. (sigh). 

Batts, my parents actually came to see it on my mom's birthday.  I told them they didn't have to- given the subject matter and how close to home it hit.  Everyone was balling by the end - but it was an awesome thing to be a part of.  :)

Ha ha- I love how only females have responded to this post.  It's such a classic chick flick. :)

well if no other guy is going to respond, i guess i'll just have to. always one of my favorite movies, but i am a bit weird, so take it with a grain of salt. i do tend to like more "chick flicks" than the average guy, and no, i'm not gay, in case you were wondering. i just like movies with good characters and smart dialogue, and i think this has both. i also think the beauty parlor scene is fairly accurate, although speeded up a bit, i don't think it comes on that quick, but it is a movie. the characters actions during the reaction are eerily similar to what i go thru. have a hard time watching it


I liked the movie till my daughter got d--had the movie-gave it away.I never watch it when it comes on tv--my husband will.Has anyone read the book-I think the movie was based on a true story? The whole thing makes me sad...why did this have to happen to her....does this still happen today ?