Stem Cell Clinical Trial

I may have an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial and am unsure of the side effects of the auto-immunosuppressant drugs......I would like to talk with anyone who has first hand experience.--Patty



I don't have any personal experience taking those drugs, but as a nurse I can tell you a little about them. Because the are designed to supress your immune system so that it does not attack the implanted stem-cells your over all immunity will be decreased. Therefore you need to avoid sick people as much as possible and be very careful about doing anything that puts you at greater risk of infection. Then depending on the particular type of drug there are risks for other side effects such as GI problems like stomach ulcers, Blood pressure changes, and liver of kidney problems depeding on where the drug is excreted. I would ask the person running the trial and your doctor about the drug and what kinds of things to expect. Good luck with the trial it sounds exciting!