Stem-Cell Research

Obama is starting stem-cell research and that will help them find a cure for diabetics. Honestly I really want the cure because I am 13 going on 14 and I am starting to go to parties and the mall more often with friends it is just a pain in the butt.  But the thing about stem-cell research is that it will take a while so some of us will just have to wait. For any younger kids out there diabetes will never hold you back from anything you want to. I have played softball, I am doing tumbling, I am going to do tennis in High School. Never let diabetes hold you back!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had diabetes since I was two and you know what it is a pain but I just have to get used to it. Remember if you don't take care of your blood sugars right and don't take right amounts of insulin thenyou can go blind lose you legs and arms. Could you imagine not being able to see or hold your kids!!!!!!!!! It is amazing how much diabetes contributes to your life though... for example you learn to eat the right foods and you stay healthy. And maybe learn not to do drugs and not to ever drink as much achohol! I am just now learning how to count carbs by myself but it is still harder for me. And I was also wondering about pumps which ones are better for more active girls at the age of 13 !!!!!!!!!! ????????? And this might be a little akward but does diabetes affect my period ??????? So please keep posting and telling me more things or even adding on.... BYE...

When we talk about Stem Cell Research we have to realize that there is a distinction between two different types. Now I have my own opinion about things, but I am keeping this out as much as possible. Government funding has not been going towards embryonic stem cell research until the Bill that President Obama has signed goes into effect.

I do believe that funding has always gone towards adult stem cell research, which has had some positive results so far. I really feel it is necessary that if and when we talk about the research methods that we are aware of that fact that there are the two different types of research out there. With embryonic stem cell reasearch even though it has been out there for a while there has yet to be any positive results to the research being done... Who knows, I hope one day for a cure to be found, but sometimes I wonder about at what cost is it worth it to have a cure. But again, this is a conversation I do not want to worry about right now.


We all want a cure.

Obama didn't start stem cell research he is trying to get more funding for embryonic stem cell research. He signed an executive order to lift the ban on that type of research which still has to be passed by congress.

YOu are right though, diabetes should never hold you back from your dreams. And you do have to take care of yourself so you can stay healthy. There are some obstacles along the way but, having diabetes is controllable and as long as you take all the steps you can do anything you want!

There are a bunch of different pump options you would have to talk to your CDE about which one fits your lifestyle. There is the Animas ping, Minimed paradigm, ominpod, and Cozmore.

Yes, diabetes does affect your periods. At those times of the month you will notice that the week prior to your period your blood sugars will run higher and your basals or longer acting insulin for that time will have to be adjusted. This is when a pump is especially useful because you can put a whole other set of basal rates just for those times.

Ok thank you all haha !!! I needed that info cause im still learning!

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I actuall have several friends who work in stem cell research labs.  One of the differences between adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research is that the adult stem cells only "last" for a short while (in the magnitude of a couple weeks), while embryonic stem cell "strains" (I'm not sure about the technical words) can last for years, even decades.  I think it's a misconception that they are constantly having to "get" embryonic stem cells (which, and you can tell me if I'm wrong, is the reason it is so controversial).  Also, there has always been some (small amounts) of money going towards embryonic stem cell research.

Also, there have been positive results from both adult and embryonic stem cell research.  For example, one of my friend's lab (who works with embryonic stem cells) does research on pharmaceuticals.  With stem cells, they can see if the drug they are testing actually has any positive effect for the specific cells before having humans try it.

actually new embryonic stem cell research recieves no governmental funding, it is all privately funded.  although embryonic stem cell research can be easier to work with, in my opinion, adult stem cell research has much more potential to help people "grow" new organs.  this is mainly because once the scientists figure out how to "grow" organs from your own stem cells, there is no chance of a (whats the word, graft vs. host?). aka your body cant reject its own cells.

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One thing to remember with replacing organs...type 1 is still considered an autoimmune disorder, so I wouldn't be too sure about your body not rejecting a new pancreas from your own stem cells (that's why you get diabetes in the first place).

One of the reasons that embryonic stem cells are interesting for research is that they are pluripotent, or one stem cell can develop into multiple different types of body cells.  From what I know adult stem cells have much less flexibility, and would require researchers/practitioners to carry multiple separate supplies of cells.

Thanks for all the advice it is really helping me understand this !!!