Sticky tape that doesn't come off(ever!)

the tape on the infusion sets stick to me really well. i use the isopropyl alcohol(whatever that stuff that helps take it off is called) to try and get it off but with that i have to still pick it off. i have pieces of the tape from weeks ago still stuck onto me and i scrub and scrub at it in the shower, but it won't come off. help!!!

Maybe try acetone (fingernail polish remover).  It is good at taking off the tape that remains from an IV.  Also if you are using the prep pads with the sticky stuff, maybe try just an alcohol swab to prep your skin to reduce the stickyness.  Your skin may only need the tape.

Ok this may be a wierd solution but it works for me. i bought Goo Gone from the store and it works. I put it on a cotton ball and rub my spot after removing everything and it comes off great. however, you will need to do it and then get right in the shower because it is very greasy and smells a bit. i do use it on the transmitter too and just make sure I am very careful not to get any into it. I found it in the hardware store but i know i have seen it in the local grocery store too. A little but does the trick and it doesn't burn or hurt your skin.

I use baby oil on my daughters sites.   She is on the Omnipod and that is a big adhesive.  The baby oil works wonders.

We use a Bard barrier wipe after the IV prep on my 3 year old. The Bard wipes create a kind of barrier between the skin and the infusion set. We have found this to be very helpful in reducing skin irritation. This might help you out. (We got a free sample from Medtronic.) In addition, we use Uni-solve wipes when we remove the infusion set. Another option, would be to put down a Tegaderm AFTER you prep your site and then do the infusion set as usual. That way, you only have the Tegaderm to deal with and not the infusion set adhesive!

LOL you all probably have better solutions than I do. I just scratch'n'peel :D