I currently have a medtronic pump and CGM. For the most part, I'm happy with it. What is bothering me the most is the type of sticky tape I'm using to cover it. I use the IV3000 tape. What I found is that it doesn't stick very well around the edges especially and that it irritates my skin when I pull it off, leaving a red mark for days. Last night I put my CGM on my arm, used the tape, and it's bothering me already. I know that pulling it off will be even worse there. Do any of you use a different kind of tape? How well does it work for you?

 For me, sticking has always been a BIG problem.  I started out using the IV3000...but soon found out it had NO staying power at all.  I found several other optionsl.  The one I prefer the most is HypaFix  tape.  I have it in 2 sizes, both the 2 inch and 4 inch rolls.  I pre;fer the 2 inch size as I put it on with a cross type pattern.  It is quick drying after showers (it breathes).  If I find it coming off too soon, I will just apply another piece of tape to get me through till next change (7 days most of the time), although it rarely happens that I need to apply more tape.  It is made by Smith and Nephews company.

One other option is OpSite FlexiFit tape.  It is clear, and a lot of people swear by it.  I do not.  For me, I found that after getting it wet, it puckered too much.  I much more preter the Hyperfix tape.  Opstie comes in 2 inch and 4 inch rolls as well.  Unfortunately, MM does carry either the HypaFix of Opstie tapes. I've begged them to stock it...but to no avail.

Using the tape has worked for me.  I used to use the HP Tegaderm large size, but have quit utilizing that as the HypaFix works best for me.  Some folks use the Masticol liquid/spray for more stickiness.  I have not had to resort to that.

As for peeling tape off skin....well, that is always an issue. If the tape has not irritated my skin while on, I only need to use gentle pressure and some hand sanitizer to get the tape residue off.  Some times, if I start itching(around the tape), then it is a real problem when removing the tape.  It will leave tiny spots of 'rug burn-like" tenderness.  I then have to apply some type of cream/ointment for a few days until it clears up.  I usually first use some type over over the counter bacitracin, and then follow up the next few days with just a gentle hand cream/lotion.

I hope this has helped.  There are many options out there, some even will send a free trial size.  have yo asked MM to send you their taping solutiopns kit?  It has several samples of items they carry in their own store.  I'd suggest starting with them (no charge) and see what works best for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle, Boston area, MM723 and CGMS, 5 yrs

Thank you so much, Michelle! I'm definitely going to see if I can sample different kinds. I didn't even know that was a option! Your help is greatly appreciated!