Still getting over the fact that Diabetes will NEVER go away

So i know that giving up on handling my type 1 diabetes is never an option. but even the little things that i seem to do are making me more emotional. i was recently in dka, and even though it has been almost 3 weeks since i was in the hospital for it, my mom accusses me of cheating on my carbs and shots only when im at school. does anyone else get high numbers from school stress? i know what carbs are in hot lunches at school, and i tell her and show her every little bit of math i do. she still doesnt belive me. im 16 and have had type 1 diabetes for almost 3 years. please tell me this gets better as i grow up. also, if anyone is interested, i love this site, but think that its not as fast as comunication as it can be. just a person to text. i wanna make diabetic friends, i think that would help a lot. any one else think so??

Hi Asha, Unfortunately lots of things can make your blood sugar go high. During the teen years, stress and hormonal changes can drive your BG numbers to go wonky. Some of these things are uncontrollable, BUt you just need to control what you CAN control: diet, timely insulin shots or boluses and proper adjustment of your insulin dosing.

As for connecting to others like you make sure to check out the MEMBERS section of juvenation and friend some other girls like you- send them direct messages- hopefully you can find someone you can chat directly with. Good luck!

Hey Asha,

I'm sorry you went into DKA and your mom is having trouble understanding that it isn't your fault.

I know that hot lunches at my school are loaded with fat and way more protien than I need, so I pack my lunch. Maybe that could help you too. And like /red said, during teen years, blood sugars are ridiculously hard to control because of all the dramatic changes in hormone levels. And once your hormone levels go back to normal, your blood sugars do too. I hope this helps :)

Your mom probably just wants to make sure you're doing okay.  I can understand her concern since you've just had a DKA.  But I don't think anyone who's not diabetic can understand that high are low numbers happen, and are not necessarily a sign that you're messing up.

Diabetes does get easier as you get older.  I'm 38 now and it's not like I'm thrilled to manage my diabetes, but I don't see it as something that took my "real" life away from me.  It's a part of who I am, as much as being female, being short, and being a mom.  It's just how God made me.

This article was written a year or so ago by a mom who was concerned about her teen daughter.  Maybe it would help your mom and you have a conversation and figure out ways you can work together.

It's always hard when you are a teen, life is usually moving faster and yes hormones, stress, crazy teenage energy, you name it, can affect your numbers.  It gets easier the more you learn about it and the better you get to know how your body reacts to different things.  Sorry to tell you, but your mom will never stop worrying.  I'm 31, have had diabetes for 23 years and my mom still asks me every time I leave her house if I have glucose tablets on me and freaks out if I have a high glucose reading.  Its cool just means she cares.  

omigosh i feel exactly the same way! and i agree with the being not as fast i'm barely on here myself even though i love it as well. but i get the emotions too, not that i would be THAT much help i had it for less than 2 years and im only 14. but still.... it's like almost the same lol. well... i know what you described is like the same way i feel. regardless weather im being accused of cheating on carbs ad whatnot, it's still a shock that i have to wake up and give myself shots do i don't DIE. i don't know if it gets better, i just hope it gets more... routine.

for only having diabetes for 2 yeaRS, YOU KNOW ALOT MORE THAN YOU THINK! ost of my friends and family still think i count calories instead of carbs, and think they can give me hotdishes and stuff. its rediculous, but so far it seems to be getting wayy better already. just got an A1C TESTED AT 8.8:) SO IM IN A PRETTY DARN GOOD POSITION!:) but there is still so many things left to learn. promise:)

I can totally relate to getting more emotinal. Half the time I go to change my site, I end up crying because I'm so sick of it.

As for getting better as you grow up, it does, don't worry.

I was diagnosed when I was eight, and I'm considered by doctors and nurses to be very in control of my diabetes. My only problems are related to emotions and stress, and I imangine this will get better eventaully as well...

Anyway, I'm fifteen so we're about the same age!

by the way, my friends mistake carbs for callaries too!

I hear ya on that one! It sucks being the only person who has to turn down a tasty, unhealthy meal, or explain to people why you carry around a bunch of needles.  Just remember that you have Diabetes. It does not have you. This is something you CAN handle. You are a strong person, and so brave!

Hang in there,

D Girl

Diagnosed November 2011

hey lady... keep your head up you know what your suppossed to be doing and know your mom means well but she only knows what she's read my mom is the same way i've had it ifor 5 yrs im 21 now but when i was 16-17 we def. did not get along because my mom wanted me doing it one way and i did it another... like someone said earlier i packed my lunch after i got sick because it was easier to know exactly what i was eating ... im down to talk to you if you need a girl a little older to vent to just message me your number

:) keep your head up

hey there :)

I am currently in my 3rd year of college and I have had diabetes for 17 years... I wish I could tell you that things get easier and fix themselves but sometimes it is still hard. My a1c has been high my whole life and I have been on the pump 3 times... my parents and doctors would make me feel like I was always doing something wrong when I was trying the best I possibly could. I just got put on symlin and it is finally working for me. I think the best advice I can give is that it is ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes and to remember that you aren't going to be 100% perfect all the time, that's why we still have this disease. If we could fix our blood sugars we would! Just stick with your diet and insulin even when it's hard and maybe the dose/type you are on just doesn't work with your body? You'll get through it :)

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. "

I'm pretty sure that stress increases your blood sugar. One night I was so exited/stressed that I had to check my sugar and keytones three times in the middle of the night. Oh yeah, and do I mention that it was on CHRISTMAS EVE?

i do... im always getting in trouble cause my blood sugar is high a lot i just don't know how to cope with it Ive only had it for a year and im overwhelmed by the fact of ally the needles and the pump and definitley the sensor! Can someone give me an idea of how to cope with it ?

Hi Lacey - Most of us that has diabetes for more than a few years have been where you are and have gotten past those feelings.  They do go away, sometimes that requires some work, but well worth doing in the long run. This is a long run conditioning to be sure, the rest of your and my life, we will have days that control is easy and no problems or issues. Then the other type of days, nothing goes right, drinking all the water you find, not passing a restroom, tired like no one else could be, and wondering if the feeling would ever end. It makes adjustments easier the faster you are able to accept what has to be done, and the mind set to do them, no matter what. You are still learning to walk the walk, but keep talking the talk too, it never hurts to connect with others and find advice. When I started it was the early 70's - I was told there were less than one million of us then, and I would probably not live beyond 20 years. I sometimes have the feeling that I wish the doctor was right about that prediction, most days though, I am sure I will make another 20 years. Level the bad days and enjoy the good days, strive to make them all good, you will get there.  When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on, change is coming.

Hey asha I get school stress… A lot of people think I’m not counting carbs right or not giving insulin but I know I get stressed out b4 test and things like that… I start to feel queasy & then my blood sugar gets high… I’ve been using breathing exercises that help my blood sugar stay good and it helps a lot I found these exercises on google… So just try something like that when you get stressed out at school… The pressure of having diabetes at school hasn’t affected my attitude and I still have friends and I don’t get made fun of but stress at school affects my blood sugar. Hope this helped… ???

I'm twenty and you can feel free to friend me on Facebook (Emily Petit, or to talk about diabetes and how much it blows any time you want. :)

Oh, and I totally get stressed before tests: I started college apps late and have been taking SATs and all that fun stuff. :P One morning I FORGOT MY INSULIN and practically failed the SAT math because of it.

Hi Asha,

I'm so sorry to hear about your predicament. There isn't a lot else that you can to do prove to your mum that you're trying. Is she diabetic? If not, I would assume that it's not just you that is coming to terms with your diabetes. I would assume that your mother is going through her own set of emotions, and trying to cope with this weird, and unknown situation in the best way that she feels she can - please don't blame her for acting in the way she is - she only has your best intentions and care at heart.

On another note, you mention 'school stress.' I was diagnosed aged 16, and had just started at a new college, studying for my AS levels, so I guess I have never known any different. I'm now in my final year of university (so, there's hope for you to overcome 'study stress' still!) and I can relate to this concept of SS. When a deadline is coming, my ketones shoot up and I get high bloods, despite constantly doing injections. It spirals into a negative feedback system, where I get high bloods, so I figure I may as well stuff my face with sugar, as everyone else is doing while staying up all night to complete deadlines, and then I get higher bloods. Take a step back. If you know you have a deadline, or a stressful situation coming up, then take precautions: avoid sugary foods, full stop - sad, but it WILL help. Stick to fruit if you're going to have 'sugar.' Avoid the stressful situation. While in it, take breaks where you allow yourself to switch off (TV/facebook/etc). Try adding a few extra units to your injection, but monitor your sugars to make sure it doesn't kick you into hypo. It may be that, like me, you can work out that you just need a few extra units to get you through the moments when your liver secretes sugar as a stress response.

I hope that helps! Loads of people are here to help  you :)