Stomach & chest pains - Please Help!

I am 15 and i was diagnosed w/ T1D almost 2 years ago. Since the end of December (of 2014) i have been experiencing throbbing pain in my upper abdomen, mostly on the left side. Because of this pain i have not been able to eat full meals or get good night sleeps. The pain feels as if I’m being stabbed and it radiates through to my back in the same area. Also, whenever i eat i get a similar type of pain in my chest also on the left side. Depending on my position, the pain could radiate through my shoulder and neck. Some days i wake up feeling fine and i feel good through out the day but others i feel off the whole day. I have been to my pediatrician 3 times, the emergency room twice, a kidney doctor and 3 different gastro doctors but they can’t seem to help me. I have also had an ultrasound, a ton of different blood work, and an upper endoscopy/biopsy done which all came back with negative results. I have also been taking ant-acids to help with possible heartburn but that rarely helps.

I was curious if this is diabetes related or if anyone has experienced the same thing?! I have not been to my endo since this started but i go back in June. If anyone has any ideas or can help me please do! I’m desperate at this point for answers.

Thank you!

Since you’ve only had T1 for 2 years, I can’t imagine this is diabetes-related…it’s just way too soon. Have they checked your gall bladder? Could it be kidney stones? Some kind of nerve issue like sciatica? Try to keep a journal of when it happens, what you’ve eaten that day, and keep on your GP to help you because that’s not normal. Sometimes when they see you’ve been documenting the issue, they will take you more seriously and will push to find the answer.