Stomach fat..diabetes?

i feel like i have too much stomach fat now that i have diabetes. i can pinch it a lot now, and when i was first diagnosed i was 79 lbs, and now im 115:( i look healthier, but its hard to not feel fat!!! anyone feeling this way? any good advice?

When you were first diagnosed all the glucose in your body wasn't getting to your cells, so you were urinating out a lot of the calories you were eating and your body was slowly starving to death.  It's normal to gain weight when you get healthy and your blood sugars are more normal again.

Take care and don't stress.  My guess is that your body is totally normal and beautiful.  Since you probably gained the weight back quickly, it's normal to take a little time to adjust to how your body is now.  

Don't know how old you are, but at different points you accumulate fat in different spots too.  Most girls who are on the verge of puberty don't look slim, but that's normal at that stage of life.  You might also be genetically inclined to have a certain body type -my mom and I both have really big rear ends. =(

If 115 is normal for your height then you might try sit ups to tighten up your stomach.  Don't think insulin could be the cause since I've had diabetes since I was 4 and had a flat stomach until I got pregnant.  Now I still have tummy fat.  Guess I need to take my own advice and do some sit ups.  

thank you so much! It's really hard to not feel fat when you gain that much weight that quickly, even though you know that you should have it back now!

I'm 15 at the moment, and just got diagnosed on March 23rd, 2011. My mom and I both have quite big rear ends as well:( but it's just how our bodies are shaped. My height is 5"0'.

Hopefully some situps will work, i guess I need to exercise a bit more. I think it's just weird, because before my stomach was completely flat, and now I can squeeze quite a bit, and it's very frustrating! :(

Ruth~diagnosed on March 23rd, 2011. T1.