Stomach fat from Insulin?

      So, I have been diagnosed for I guess three years now, and for at least a year and a half i injected and then inserted my inset into my stomach because it was my "safe" place. Well now that I am not afraid to insert elsewhere, I rotate positions to my arms and hips, especially because there is this lumps of fat on my stomach from irritation I guess.

     I really , really hate these lumps and would do anything to get rid of them but so far no luck. Anyone else have problems like this? Any advice ?



I use to only put my needled in my stomach too, until i started to really scar up and what not.  now i put it in my butt :) haha yeh i know may sound weird, but you don't have to worry about being all scarred up still when summer comes along and you want to wear a cute bikini or something. it also doesn't get pulled out near as much as it does being in my stomach! after about a month or so of not putting the needle in my stomach at all my stomach is all cleared up and looks like a needle has never touched it :) about getting rid of the scarring faster, i have no advice on that though sorry :( but best of luck! :)

i rotate sometimes! i just got diagnosed three months ago! i switch off from my stomach to my legs and whatnot...and even though im supposed to gain weight back, i feel like im fat now, even tho its normal! people say that i was the weight when i was sick, that they are now, and it makes me feel fat! :(

It is not fat that is in your stomach. It is scar tissue. I had the same problem and still have it form over using injection sites. Its nothing to worry about and should clear up over time if you rotate injection sites well; giving your body time to heal itself.

Alright Thanks :)

ok relpying really late but ive been diagnosed almost 5 yrs ago and have had a pump site for 4 yrs. and the pump site has been on my stomach for 2-3 years now but i have all this stomach fat i want to get rid off (or scar tissue). is there any way to get rid of it? the only problem is that i love the absorption the stomach has for insulin. is there anywhere else with better or the same absorbtion?

Happpeened to me too! like, loads of scar tissue. like, 7 years of stomach shots and inserting sites scar tissue. mederma, this weird lotion like stuff, helps with the actual scars but i'm pretty sure getting rid of the stomach fat is like, imposible. i've tried so many different workouts and everything, but forreal, it's so hard to get rid of. i asked my doctor and she said if diet and exercise doesn't work try avoiding that area completely for shots and stuff cause your body could heal it on it's ownn.

I'm falling in love with finding topics that actually relate to such a personal aspect of my life. :) I can't remember when I noticed the set site flab coming in, but I said forget it! I moved them down to my thighs and only in the past year have I found running fairly regularly to really help shed some of it away...however yea, a fair amount of it is scar tissue so just keep at it. :) but move your sites if you can! (:

I had the same problem, and in like, 4 months after not putting my set on my stomach at all, the scar tissue went away.

Dude I have this problem it use to drive me crazy and kill my self-confidence! I hate it too, but it's probably much less noticeable than you realize.