Stopped babysitting

Hi! I’m Sam and I used to babysit a lot…like over night and stuff. But I was diasnoged with type 1 diabetes and I kind of just stoped. I think my mom is scared because the kids don’t know what to do when I go low or high. And I was just wondering, has this happened to anyone eles?? Thanks! :slight_smile:

@sweetsam, you shouldn’t have to stop babysitting. The kids don’t need to know when you are low or high, you need to know that. If you are proactive and checking frequently while you are babysitting you should not have any issues. You need to be prepared for yourself. Carrying glucose tabs or juice and if you are high you just need your insulin.

How old are the kids? The only time they should be worried is if you are unable to communicate or god forbid pass out. To call 911.

Thanks @Gina! :slight_smile: and that kids are about 6 to 10 years old

You can babysit!

I’ve had diabetes since I was 4 and babysat from when I was 12-16. I took care of kids of all different ages. Just make sure to check your blood sugar if you feel weird at all and check no matter what every couple hours.

Babysitting is great practice for someday if you become a parent yourself. My husband never babysat and he was kind of freaked out when we first brought our son home from the hospital. I was a little scared too, but at least had some idea what I was doing! =)

I got diabetes at age 13 and have been babysitting and nanny-ing since i was 11 years old. I have barely ever had any issues and rarely ever need to tell the kids or parents. I am now a early childhood teacher and just carry candy around. The kids love it when I tell them about Diabetes and what it is. They need to know about it and as young kids they have no judgement so as they grow they will still not judge so its a win for you and others. I would say they best advice; when you need to treat a low or high, first make sure the kids are safe. Put babies in a crib or kids in front of a movie while you care for your self. I care for kids as if they were mine and thus when I am a parent of my own kids I would do the same thing. Make sure the kids are safe then care for my self. Also utilize the older kids or even the little ones, make a game out of it. They get to run to the candy jar and get you a piece of candy and then run back to get you another while you sit there and eat… only if your low. Also I was low once and had the kids decorate cookies for me to eat haha it was yummy… they got some too. I have made a business out of babysitting. I babysit all the time. I have anywhere from 10 to 15 families I babysit on a regular basis, with 2-5 kids. There is an art to Type 1 babysitting. Have fun, utilize older kids, make a game out of getting candy when low, make sure kids are safe, stay healthy. Good Luck!!!