Stories Of Long Living Type 1 Diabetics

In October, 2008 the Diabetes Forecast, the ADA's magazine, celebrated its 60th anniversary. They wanted to include stories of type 1 diabetics who had lived more than 60 years with their diabetes in that month's issue. I applied and was accepted. A professional photographer was sent to my home in August that year. Several pictures were taken and I appeared in the October issue. There were 11 diabetics included in the article, all of whom had been type 1 for more than 60 years. The following link gives some information about each of them. The record holder is William Rounds, whose story is at the top of the list. He has lived 86 years with type 1, but 85 years at the time the magazine was published. If you scroll down you will find my article (Richard Vaughn) in the left hand column. Here is the link:

That's awesome! I will watch for the article. Congratulations!

Thank you Richard so much for this link. Whenever I get down,I start looking for people who have lived with Type 1 for the longest time-and done so well.Thank you agaim :)

Congrats Richard.  keep up the good work.

You are to be commended!  I remember one day I was at the physical therapist being worked over for something and kind of bragging how I have had diabetesic for 37 years and the sweet lady sitting next to me said, oh I have had diabetes 62 years.  Whoa!  You guys used to have to sharpen your needles, boil your syringes and a lot of other stuff before you could even think of injecting insulin.  I admire you and the changes you have seen in treatment.  You are a survivor!