Storing Test Strips

It says on the vial of test strips to only store them in the vial. But has anyone ever stored them in something else without them going bad?

The thing is; my 4-year-old son has recently started testing his own BG. (He's very proud of this, by the way) I always put the strip in for him, but he wants to do everything on his own. Mr. Independant. :) He can't open those darn test strip vials without spilling them, though. Any tips?

there isn't a really good answer to this.  you could use a container that he could open, however, the strips go bad pretty fast from humidity.  The container from the manufacturer has a dessicant liner designed to remove humidity.  If the strips are exposed to humidity for a few hours they will be very inaccurate.  I would guess 50% RH or higher can ruin them.  if it's very cold (below 40F, all day) where you live and your house doesn't have a humidifier, then the strips may stay good for a longer time in any container.

You can't just put 3 strips in an old vial because the dessicant liner also goes bad.    You could put your own dessicant in a easier-to-open vial but wow, it's a lot of work for you and he'll be big enough to deal with the stips before too long, maybe even now with practice. 

maybe put spent strips in an old vial han have him figure out a way to hold and open the container without spilling them.  cheers and good luck.

I suggest calling the test strip manufacturer/company, explaining the problem and see what they recommend.

I'd use an old container and have him practice a lot, and I bet he'll learn soon. If you have more than one meter, maybe one brand would be easier than the other?

(I also only use the "official" container for my strips...)

How do you know when a test strip goes bad?  I have never stored mine in anything other than the vial they came in, but I thought this may be a good thing to know.  Is it obvious by looking at them?

I *think* the only way to tell is with the test solution that comes with the meter. Unless anyone else knows something else...

I would do what Joe said and put like 3 in a old one so he can do it himself and isnt getting them all over the place,

Love to hear about little man. How about that little tool you can get for senior or whoever has a problem opening pop tops cans might make it easier to open. 

Trish - first of all WOOHOO for Brandan. Give him a high five from me! I am also super proud of him.

I would just put a few strips in the vial until he gets the hang of it. Still John has been doing his own tests at school since Sept and so he's had lot of test strip vial opening practice and he still sometimes gets them to fly all over. This of course only happens with a mostly full bottle. :-

The other thing you could try is to see if he can leave the vial in the ping case and have the cap open toward the center 'hinge' of the case. That way, if they spill, they are at least kind of contained in the meter case. It is a little trickier so he might not be able to get it open that way yet.