Strain on the marriage

So, besides the fact everyone is impacted by this new edition to our life the big D.  My marriage is going south.  I handle hard times by myself and cry to my mother or alone always.  I know this is a time I should confide in him and be strong together, but that is not the case now or before.  I am a Ms. Independent pants and stubborn as he would say.  But I like the word determined better:)  My husband and myself can not seem to agree at all lately.  He thinks our son should be treated no different and he is just like everyone else and that I am babying him.  Oh and one of my favorite things is that I am making things hard on myself that I need to simplify.  I will only say this once HE IS RIGHT.  Our son is just like everyone else and yes I am babying him, and yes simplifying would be ideal.  BUT,  I think I should treat him different b/c he is going thru something different and if he wants to be babied then WHY NOT he is upset too.  Simplify? would not make me feel good about myself and my son likes me being with him.  He may be milking it and that is ok with me.  He should lean on his mommy.  I can not imagine my child is thinking.  Only what I think as a parent and as an adult and it is very hard for me to comprehend. I know things will eventually get back to as much normalcy as can be, but until then I say "Cut the kid some slack!!!"

Has anyone else hand complications with their significant other?

I feel your pain, as I also had the "you are babying him too much" comment.  I also get cases where my husband will forget to test my son when I leave them alone to go get groceries and such.  I was talking to my cousin about this, because I was inferiated (sp?) with my husband.  My cousin has a phd in physcology or physciatry or something like that (and works with children and family on a daily basis and has her own business) and she told me that men deal with these types of things differently than women.  She told me in essence that my husband is actually mourning the loss of a healthy son.   She said I really need to give him some time to adjust to the new son that he has.  In time he will accept that he is a child with a special need.  It has almost been a year with us, and we still have times when I wonder how my husband can forget to test my son, knowing what the outcome is if he goes low from not testing.  I just remember what my cousin told me and try to think about my husband's bruised ego.  Every father wants a jock, and maybe someday, my son will turn into a jock, but for now, he is just a little boy with a body that is adjusting to having a disease that is in my words "nasty".   I still cry, so that won't go away, and I still baby him, so, maybe that won't go away either, we are Moms!  Hang in there, it doesn't really get easier, as everyone says, at least not that I have seen in the past year.  You just need to find a way that you can cope and still keep your family and you happy.   Get out some wedding pictures maybe and remember that your son is here today because of that special wedding?  My husband and I have only been out once together in almost a year, and we need a night out, so seek someone to help you out as soon as you feel comfortable so you can have a night out.  I hope a little of this helps.