Strange blood test results?

Close to 2 weeks ago I took Gavi for bloodwork, his endo. wanted to check his c-peptide level, insulin level, and a few other things. I always ask for the lab to send me a copy of the results and I got them yesterday. SOme of the results are strange, I sent his endo. an e-mail last night with some questions about them, so I will wait to see what she says.


WHen the test was taken, he was NOT fasting. His blood sugar was 182. His insulin level was 102 (range is 0.0-24.9). His c-peptide was 2.9 (range is .4-2.9) if it was done while fasting. 


I was trying to see if I could find anything online about having high insulin level and high blood sugar at the same time, and the only thing I could find was if they are both high it means too much insulin was taken, which is not the case. He is only on 1.5 units of Lantus daily, taken in the morning. 


Any ideas?