Strange Day

So when I woke up today my fasting number was 139. Not really high, but still weird because it's been running 75-85. I had exactly 22 carbs for breakfast, but bolused for 27 just because my numbers were a tad high. 1.5 hours later I check my blood expecting to be in perfect range and I am 236. So the day goes on... for lunch I eat 60 carbs. I would normally bolus 6 units but I realize I am running high today and most likely insulin resistance is getting worse so I take 9 units. Later I check my blood and I am 257. I took 2.5 units correction dose and check my blood an hour later and I'm still 226. WHY OH WHY WON'T MY BLOOD LOWER?! I had called my endo earlier in the day and they said to take correction doses and drink plenty of water. Well... what happens when your correction doses aren't doing the job?!

That is soooo frustrating.  I always end up getting so pissed off that I over correct then bottom out 4 hours later.   GRrrrrrrr.  I hate it when the scientific equation doesn't add up


Try doing some kind of cardio exercise. I'm not pregnant yet but I have times when my BG does that and it frustrates me and I wait in impatience for my BG to drop suddenly, which sucks even more. Do you have a CGM? That would be a life saver for you. --Point to my story, right before I had surgery a week ago, the morning I was going in, I could not get in to drop for almost 2+ hours so I started trotting in place and it helped a lot! I hope that this helps you. Lots of water and any kind of physical activity should help lower it somewhat.

Good luck!! : )