Strange Highs

Today and yesterday, I've been experiencing some strange highs and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or have had similar situations.  Yesterday morning I woke up and was close to 100 when I bolused for a packet of oatmeal (I entered the exact number of grams into my pump).  About two hours later I checked my blood sugar in class and I was about 400.  I slowly came back down, but I can't think of any reasons why my blood sugar went that high (my pump tubing wasn't kinked and the catheter was in my skin correctly).  Today, a very similar situation happened, where I ate some cereal and bolused the correct amount, and a few hours later I was 420.  I bolused through my pump since I was in class to correct, but changed over my infusion set as soon as I got home (about an hour later).  I am 278 now, and will probably continue descending within the next couple of hours.  If anyone has experienced anything similar or has any advice, please let me know.



Are you sure the Nutrition info on the oatmeal was for one serving? 

Did you change your basal rates and forget about it?

Is it your time of month?

Do you normally eat that oatmeal?



I thought 420 caused strange highs!!! LOL Sorry couldn't help my self.

Maybe it's the effects of DKA, but is there a reason I don't get your joke?


I can't figure out what the deal with the oatmeal was (the nutritional info is RIGHT on the back of each individual packet, and I entered it correctly), but I miscalculated with serving size and carbs in the cereal I ate.  Damn sugary, delicious cereals.  :/ But, honestly, who eats just 3/4 cups of cereal for breakfast?  You fill the whole bowl!!  My bad!

Hayley; I'm in this situation,too. Sometimes,i found my blood sugar high and i eat 20-40 carb. and then i did right bolus unite.after 2 hours it's in the right route. But when i ate 60-70 karb. and did right bolus unite(I'm sure cause i controlled it several times.)it's not going down,usually it goes up up up..  (by the way i'm doing injections,not pump.But i'll get pump soon. My doc. said my carb. counting must be developed.i'm waiting.) And when my bloodsugar is perfect,then i ate 70-90 karb. and do right bolus unite,it's going high and i'm sure i am not doing false counting carb and units.. this makes me crazy and i guess sometimes last eating and inejcting insulin after 5-6 hours it's goes high.. I want pump!!!! . :(:(

And i guess time of month really really effectively in sugar levels. :(   Eating fast food,my sugar levels goes crazy. but i can't eat all the time healty foods.i'm a student and i don't know what will i do..

hope we can find a solution,thanks fot listening..:)

Ha ha. 4/20 is Bob Marley's birthday and to celebrate people get high. It's probably a good thing you didn't get that joke. 

You're definitely thinking correctly that pumps can be a LOT more accurate in terms of dosage.  Some pumps let you deliver so specifically that you can bolus, for example, 6.75 units, verus guessing that you are giving yourself, say, 5.5 units through a syringe (I used injections for four years, and I've been on the pump since then).  I am very confident that your sugars will be much more regulated when you get the pump, as you'll have much more freedom to bolus for the exact amount of carbs.  Also, you'll find that in comparing longer lasting insulin injections to multiple basal rates with the pump, the basal rates allow for much greater freedom.. for example, when I do light exercise or know I won't be eating lunch, I simply lower my basal rate for an hour or two.  I've never had any significant highs while on my period, although I know that that's common in women with type 1.  

As for being a student, I know exactly how you feel.  Going to class at different times a week, studying in different locations on campus, walking to class, eating at very different times of day, all affect blood sugar, in sometimes negative ways (as does "college" food).  I'm here if you ever need to vent, haha :)

Oh yeah! Haha :) Thanks for the reminder...

[quote user="Hayley Schreiter"]

Maybe it's the effects of DKA, but is there a reason I don't get your joke?



420 is civil code for pot in California. Strange high??? Just me I spent 50 years before being type 1 so high still has a whole other meaning to me!!



hahahaha... it took me a minute to figure it out also, simply because I don't  "celebrate", but I know what a lot of my friends and aquaintances do every year on 4/20 at 4:20!!  LOL

It sounds like it could be the quality of carbs you are eating, if everything else is normal.  Instant oatmeal can be higher on the glycemic index than whole oats, and the cereal could also be very refined and sending you high.  It could also be a combination of factors (i.e. your basals are too low that time of day, your carb ratio is too high, and the carbs are fast-acting).  

Thanks!  The oatmeal was instant, it probably made me rise higher than whole oats would've.  I also adjusted my insulin to carb ratio, so hopefully that helps.

My daughter and I both have this whenver we eat any type of cereal. It can be the most plain boring cereal or yummy oatmeal, and we can measure the milk to the drop and the Cheerio's to the O's and 2 hours later we are both high. I have just figured out that when I eat cereal and I count 37 grams I put 50 carbs into our pumps instead. This seems to help both of us. I think it is cereal, I really do. I have talked to others out there that have the same issue with any type of cereal. It took me quite a while to realize it was the cereal, but I know it is. If we have toast we are fine, but its that yummy cereal that drives us both nuts.

Good luck!

Same thing was happening to me, I have to bolus about half an hour to 45 minutes before eating anything like that early in the morning in order for my blood sugar to be ok.  Weekends when I sleep in it's no problems eating the same thing.

I have not eaten any kind of cereal for many years. All cereals send me over 200 very fast. A typical breakfast for me is eggs, bacon, cuppa coffee and a small piece of fruit. That was my breakfast today (18 carbs). My BG at meal time was 89 and two hours later it was 101.

[quote user="Amie Meenk"]It can be the most plain boring cereal or yummy oatmeal, and we can measure the milk to the drop and the Cheerio's to the O's and 2 hours later we are both high.[/quote]

Yes!  This happens to me all of the time!  And it's super frustrating because I put in the carbs exactly as they are written on the package.  Anyway, because of this I have basically just stopped eating cereal.  Which is a shame because I love oatmeal...  :-(

Call your nurse... they can help you thru crazy times like that... once mine shot way up, I tested, freaked out called my nurse then she talke me through everything... end up... I had eaten fresh cherries before takinf my reading and did not wash off the cherry juice... :)~