Stress and exhaustion?


  I am 42 and have been a type I diabetic since age 9.  No complications! Thankfully.

In the last few weeks I have had more stress than normal. In the last 5 days, I have been overly

exhausted. No just tired. I can stay up for an hour and its back to bed. I have no appetite. I have had one piece

of toast, and some milk in two days. Blood sugar levels are bouncing, and staying higher, instead of lower.

My boyfriend is away on work until the 17th. And, we have so much snow in Tn that If I have to seek medical

help, It will be via ambulance. 

    Has anyone been in this situation or info on this?

I recently was going through a lot of exhaustion, which lead to other things like stress and feeling ill, so I wasn't eating very much. I was also ready to go back to bed after an hour of being awake almost everyday. I went to see my endo, and discovered it was due to the highs I was having. I have since adjusted my carb ratio to help lower them and have found, other than feeling tired when i don't sleep well, i have been feeling better.


I would contact your endo, try to get in to see them soon (if you can, otherwise, maybe discuss things over the phone) and see if you might just need an adjustment in insulin.


I expected to have something seriously wrong with me, asked my endo about allergies, chronic fatique syndrome, etc since I had been feeling that way and getting worse slowly for 3-4months by the time I saw him. I never thought it might just be a need for more insulin, since I was already taking quite a bit (I thought).

Hopefully it's something as simple as that for you too, but I would call your endo.

I have had similar situations before. With lots of stress, I also have many problems controlling my high blood sugars. And like the previous poster said, high blood sugars tend to make you extremely tired (they do for me at least!). Hopefully you'll be able to get to your doctor soon and they can help you and give you some suggestions. Not sure if this will work for you, but if you can't get to the doctor right now, you may want to work and see if you can reduce your stress to level out your blood sugars. If the stress is what is contributing to your blood sugars being out of whack, controlling that stress with in turn control your blood sugars. Yoga is great for stress and relaxation. I use this site for beginner poses ( Even a short walk would boost your energy and help with stress. Good luck!!

Thanks for the help guys!  Sorry  I am just now getting back. The next day, my friend who is a nurse (in Co) called an ambulance when she was talking to me on the phone.  Blood work was normal except for my white blood cell count was a bit high.  ER Dr. told me all was normal, couldnt find anything. I was the one who asked if maybe I had a viral infection I was fighting off. That is when he mentioned my white bl cell count.

 They gave me fluids. And, wrote a rx for phenergan, which the hospital lost but I did have some at home. I took 1/2 for the next 2-3 days. Day #2 I was getting my appetite back. Day # 3, I was close to normal again.

So, my guess is I was fighting a virus?  Or, it was stress or combo. Since I had to figure alot of this out on my own even when speaking with the ER Dr.

Thats terrible to say that. But, maybe he was having a really bad day?

As for the yoga, I have been trying to find a class near me!  I have wanted to do yoga for a while now.

Hi; Glad you got checked out. I didn't think you could get an accurate answer on a support group site without some lab tests and a doctor visit; 

(I am retired md with type 1.) Rich