Stress and Levels on the rise

I am a teacher in the city of Chicago. I work in a dangerous neighborhood, with high stress needs, and of course few resources. When I arrive at work, my blood sugar levels tend to rise and then stay above "normal" until I leave work and go home. I was wondering if any other teachers out there experience this and if anyone has suggestions. I have tried changing my diet and I am on the insulin pump and CGM. I am exasperated.

I teach in Skokie, IL and that was happening to me everyday in the afternoons, about 2-3 pm.  My stress levels really do control my blood sugars, too.  Although I don't have any easy answers, I suggest just taking your blood sugars and often as possible and making very slight corrections (like a unit of insulin) and being prepared for the possible low. I keep fruit snacks and small sized canned pineapple in my desk-they stay good for a long time.  I'm not on a pump, so I'm not sure if you can just take a unit or two when you need it.  What age do you teach?  I teach elementary school, so it's really challenging to find the time to take a finger poke or a shot during the day.  I have had to ask the teacher next door to watch my kids so I can take a shot. If the kids change classes and you don't have to walk them, take a finger poke then and extra insulin if needed.  I've also taken finger pokes while the class is there (but working at their seats) and if any kid sees me, I tell them the truth about what I'm doing and why.  They are really understanding, it's more the adults you have to worry about.