Stress Caused by Blood Work

Every time my daughter has to have blood work, she becomes so stressed her sugars spike.  This time, I waited until she'd forgotten about it and took her in before school (had a fasting bg).  She was a very nice 7.0 before she knew about the tests.  Two hours later, she was 15.0.  What do some of you do to help lower your child's anxiety for bloodwork?

My daughter starts getting worked up as soon as I put emla on her arm.  Not sure if there is anything that will help.  We just try to use distraction as much as possible and bribes for after! Last time I brought a little thing of bubbles and had it wrapped and told her if she was good then she could open the present right after.  Luckily, despite the anxiety, I haven't seen it impact her BG.  Hope you find something that works for you

My daughter gets stressed as well. We do all we can to distract her to no avail. Shes 9. She knows whats going on. Sometimes I think it is a kids way of dealing with the situation. Afetr I hold her until she quits shaking and then shes good for the rest of the day. I have diabetes as well so she knows that daddy has been through the same thing. Showing your child your love and understanding goes a long way to calming them. A good lab tech is also a help. We take her to Childrens in Pittsburgh so she has plenty of time to get worked up. She is slowly getting better with it, just going to take time.

Good luck to you.

My son was very afraid the first time. We reassured him it did not hurt that much and we also bribed him. We also distracted him and did not have him watch the blood being drawn and this really helped. He found it did nothurt too much and lucky for us he is now ok with it. It just takes time, kids are resilient. Like Brad, I am a Type 1 so my son knows I understand. He is 10 and was diagnosed two years ago. He is a champ!

Good luck!!!

Stress can increase the regular "finger poke" glucose test, but it won't increase the A1c, which is not affected by short term stress.    

Don't worry if the regular glucose test is off.  Just explain why you think it's happening.  When they get your son's A1c they'll see his blood sugar isn't sky high all the time.