Stress from behavior getting to be too much, and worried about Ellie

Last week my five and six year old, ( 5yr old t1d) climbed out the window in the rain to sneak away to play with friends. Well after a small world war I thought things were good again. Well I was dead wrong, Ellie my five yr old had become a child I didn't know. She has become so naughty and disobedient I dont know who she is. With this horrible behavior is constant highs. I just dont know what to do. I worry about her so much being high then she is so bad i wanna just scream till my head pops and then she does something even more naughty to top it off. I'm in class 4 congestive heart failure and this constant fighting with her is making me more and more weak everyday and I just dont know what to do. I dont know if the constant highs can effect her behavior, if she is depressed from being diabetic, I need help. Have any of your kids gone through this, what did you do, how did you do it. I mean i've done everything from spank her, yell at her, talk kindly and compassionately with her, I've prayed with her, i've cryed with her, i've even told her if she can show me she can be good for a month i'd buy a puppy. I know bribe are wrong but my heart is too weak to handle all this stress, i'm seriously affraid she is going to cause me to go into v-fib or something dangerous.

My son is almost 4. When his sugar is high, he gets ill, mean, hard to get along with. If her sugar has been high a lot lately that could definitely have something to do with her behavior. When Brandan is acting out, whether it's because of his BG or not, I treat him the same. I give him a warning first that if he doesn't stop he's getting a time out. If he doesn't stop, I put him in his room to cry it out. I won't open the door until the fit stops. Now, if his BG was the cause, I will sit down and talk to him about it. I'll remind him that he should just sit down and relax or find something to do by himself when he doesn't feel like playing. Every child is different, but this works great for Brandan.  I'm lucky too because he doesn't act like this often. I hope you can find what works for your daughter. Have you already talked to a doctor or nurse about her constant high BG? That could make a big difference.

With your heath problems and her D, I'm not surprised she's stressed and acting out. Have you thought about attending a parenting class to get a plan in place for her behavior and find support from other parents? Once she's not acting out as much, it might be easier to get cooperation about the BG's. Also, kids notice when a parent is distracted, vulnerable, etc and use it as a chance to act out -- they're not stupid! (; Could another adult step in to support you if you aren't feeling well so she knows she can't take advantage of the opportunity?

Her high blood sugars might be creating the beast you are seeing.  Although she is young, she may be rebelling also.  You cannot put yourself through all of this on a daily basis....have you thought/checked into some counseling for her?  Are you a single parent???  Is there anyone else around to help you out?  I really hope that things get better for you real soon.....Hang in there!