Stress= sugar too high

I've been super stressed out because on top of diabetes T 1, I was recently diagnose with Lupus and Arthritis Rheumatoid. I've been in so much pain and now my sugar won't go down. I was always around 120/125 and I was happy with that now I'm always @ 250 or higher. Could it be stress or because of taking more med's? Is anyone having similar problems and if so how are you dealing with it?

it could definitely be due to meds. are you taking any steroid medications or pain medications? those are big culprits to raise blood sugars. you might have to increase the amounts of insulin you take now because those meds can increase insulin resistance.

i'm sorry you're going through all this :o( i hope that while these medicines make your bgs go higher, they also being to help you feel better. sometimes we just have to take care of one thing at a time. good luck to you. please let us know if we can do anything for you.

Thanks, It's been crazy for me. The doctor thinks I haven't been taking care of my sugars which made me mad. I've been doing everything I possibly can but I will admit it's getting harder to keep up. I started giving myself more insulin but no big changes yet. I guess I have to try to take it easy and like you said take care of one thing at a time.

Hey sorry to hear about your other diagnosis ):

it could be stress too....I know whenever I get even the slightest bit stressed my sugars jump up. It's hard to control because stress is a part of life. Hope things get better!