Stress =[

I' ve been really upset lately and it has nothing to do with me just being diagnosed. My mother has had Mulitple Sclerosis since I was ten and stress is the main cause of her attacks. Well naturally she is extremely upset and stressed about my diabetes(even though I make sure I'm completely dependent on myself) Then to top it all off a week after I get out of the hospital, my little brother was rushed in for appendicitis. Wayy too much stress for my mom to handle =[. From then on she has been a complete mess and I'm really frightened for her health. She is already starting to have complications. I feel somewhat responsible even though I know its not my fault. Also my mother never ever crys because she is too strong to be that vunerable and I've seen her break down more than four times in a month =[ Sorry I just had to vent.


Your family is dealing with a lot of tough issues right now.  Just try to help each other out and live one day at a time.  You love your mom so of course you're concerned about her health.  I bet your mom's MS has made you value and appreciate her way more than people do with their parents.  That is a really good thing. 

Don't ever feel guilty about being diabetic or the extra issues it causes.  Diabetes is as much a part of who I am as being female, short and having a weird sense of humor.   I wouldn't wish diabetes on anyone, but it has helped me value my life and shaped the person who I am.  As you go through life you'll realize that it's the tough situations that turn us into people of character.   From what I can tell you and everyone in your family are cool people.  Take care and I'm going to pray for you and your family.


Thank you =] I mean I really do in a way like that diabetes has entered my life it has really made me a better person. So it's not all bad =] Oh i am also short and weird haha

Short people unite! Lol.

Anyways, I hope your mom starts to feel better. You clearly had a bunch of overwhelming things happen to your family all at once. I don't know if this will help or not, or if you already do this, but maybe showing your mom your numbers and stuff will help her. If they are good of course, haha. You said you were trying to be totally dependent on yourself, which is were I am getting this from. Maybe just showing her that you actually do know what you are doing and that you are ok will help her. I know my mom gets upset because she knows there is nothing she can really do to help me, and that is frustrating. I wish you the best!