Stressed and high BS

7 months ago I was terminated from my job for being late 4 times only a couple mins each time, was late due to lows in the morning times so would eat breakfast and let my sugars get back to normal or at least were i felt safe to drive. Was getting unemployment until they stopped it in Dec. Since than i have been with no income what so ever. So looking for work has become very difficult to do with no money to get places i need to. I’m get food stamps but is never enough food for me for a month so i struggle every month and sometimes wounder were im gonna get a meal or even just skip meals which i know is bad but i cant do anything else its either skip breakfast or lunch so im not up all night feeling hungry. This has all stressed me out to the point im always angery and upset. Since Dec. i have been DKA 3 times and have went to the hospital several times to not feeling good from high BS. I cant seem to keep them down with all the stress of trying to find work not having any money and worry about my food. This has changed my sleep habits i have noticed also as i only sleep about 2 hours a day usually up all night like now. I hate testing now cause i know its gonna be high more than likely cause thats the way it been for the past few months unless im at the hospital were they monitor you very well. I just cant seem to find away to relieve my stress so my sugar will go down im taking way more insulin than i was as i up my dose as needed to try and lower me down but doesnt last long until im back high. I feel i just need to get out for a week and not have to worry about job searching, food and me failing myself on take care of myself like i should. I dont really know were im going with this i know how to treat myself and all that its just i have seriously hit an all time low in my life. Sometimes i just want to give up as i havent had anything good happen to me in almost a year or so. I just need to let all this out as know one else ever wants to hear it cause they dont know what im going through as a T1D thats so stressed out and depressed. I gotta stop typing this is getting long and im not getting any where with this.

hello Jeremy I am sorry to hear about your troubles.

if you are looking for opinions - I would say work on blood sugar control first, because you can’t do anything else without it. 2 thoughts come to mind - the calorie king database (online at ) and the book “think like a pancreas” by Gary Scheiner

get lined up with social services for your area, find lowest cost testing supplies, manufacturer drug pay assists, etc.

then work on jobs and dealing with very bad bosses.

stress is a function of trying to do it all at the same time. good luck.

I’m sorry to hear about this, Jeremy. As Joe said, getting those sugars under control should be the main focus, as hard as it is.

Obviously I don’t know your entire situation; what type of work do you do/do you want to do? I don’t know if you have a college or associate school education, but if you don’t and going back to school is a possibility for you, it might be worth your while to look at some community schools. Lots of them offer health care/insurance to their students, and that may give you the time and ability to focus a bit more on your health and not be quite as stressed out.

That’s just one thought I had, though. I know that for many people, it’s just not an option.

I have insurance that pays for all my meds and supplies. I know i need to get my BS under control or else im just gonna end up DKA again. I also count my carbs its just its hard to stick to such a healthy diet with little money for food cause healthier food cost more. Plus i stay with my parents and take care of them so i prepare all their meals so i try and make things that are fit for us all but is hard. First they were gonna just stick to my diet but have since changed and wanting more foods that arent to good for me to eat and i dont want the hassle of having to prepare a meal for me and a different one for my parents. As for school ive been thinking of going back to school and have been researching for grants to help pay for school as i have no money to do it myself and no other way of getting it. Also dont want to start really until i find a part time job atleast. I have to have income, and social services will only give me food stamps since im a single male with no kids i dont qualify for cash aid. So it makes it really hard for me to get around. As for work i have worked 10yrs as a building inspector, 4 yrs in warehouses, and about another 7 or so for myself as a handyman. I apply for what jobs i can online but now most jobs are asking to come in in person to fill out applications and i just dont have the money to be driving all over the place. these are all the things keeping my BS out of control is the stress of my not being able to do these things. And my stress wont go away until i know im financially stable. looking at my emails and just staring at the phone just hoping someone calls about a job and your dont get anything i think up sets me and stresses me out more than seeing high numbers on my meter. By the way i take shots still. I take 5 units of humalog with a sliding scale before each meal well im suppose to but ive been skipping meals due to not having enough food to last me a month until stamps are reloaded. and levemir 30 units before bed. and i check my blood sugar 3 to 5 times a day. Thanks for everyones concern for another fellow T1D.

Hi @JeremyType1,

Caring properly for one’s type 1 diabetes (T1D) can be costly, JDRF offers you some resources that may be able to assist you.

Some drug companies offer pharmaceutical assistance programs. The programs are typically for people with diabetes who have little or no insurance to help offset the cost of supplies or prescription medications. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers a point of access to hundreds of assistance programs that have joined together to provide savings to the uninsured. To learn more about these programs, visit the Partnership for Prescription Assistance website or call 1-888-477-2669.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have created the Together Rx Access Card to help people gain access to savings on prescription products. The Together Rx Access Card offers 25 to 40 percent off brand-name prescription medications at pharmacies nationwide. To learn more about the card, visit the Together Rx Access Card website or call 1-800-444-4106.

Needy Meds is a non-profit organization that provides information about patient assistance programs to help people who cannot afford medicine or healthcare costs. Needy Meds provides a database of clinics that offer healthcare at no cost, for a small fee, or on a sliding scale. To learn more about the Needy Meds, please visit the Needy Meds website.

A number of national drug store and pharmacy chains also have their own prescription programs to help customers save money on certain medications. Stores with these programs include Costco, CVS, K-mart, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, and others. Speak with your pharmacist at any of these stores for details.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) also has a publication called "Financial Help for Diabetes Care,” which offers information about resources that may help with medical expenses of a person with diabetes. You can view this publication online or order copies from the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-860-8747.

You may also try contacting your county or town health department. It’s possible that there are local resources don’t exist on a statewide or national level.

Please feel free to contact me @Gina for any other questions you may have and I would be happy to help in anyway I can!

hi I have had T1D 4 almost 21 yrs. I am so mentally and physically fed up with dealing with everything. I have been fighting really high sugars all day today and trying to avoid the er. I am finally down but I am also so mad, frustrated, burned out and want to give up, its to hard to deal with. I want to die cant handle it anymore.

I have been where you are, where life seems hopeless. It’s temporary. Thankfully feelings aren’t reality.

You’re right that stress will make your blood sugars high. You’re stressed about money and being a caregiver. You can’t change your situation right now, but you also aren’t powerless.

The cool thing about diabetes is that it only takes a few units of insulin to correct a blood sugar. Use that to your advantage and become the king of the correction dose. While you have this time off work, study up on diabetes. See if your library has copies of:

  • Using Insulin by John Walsh
  • 50 Secrets of the Longest Living Diabetics by Sheri Colberg

And any other diabetes books on the shelf that look decent and are real life.

You mentioned doing sliding scale with your short acting insulin. Are you counting carbs and dosing insulin based on the carbs you are eating and corrections? Take the time you have now to start a food log to monitor how specific foods affect your blood sugar. Over time you can identify that meatloaf and mashed potatoes or whatever you had for dinner takes xx units of insulin. That will help you deal with the food you have available now.

While you have a flexible schedule, this is also a good time to take really good care of yourself. Get enough sleep, but be careful not to sleep too much. Take a walk every day and get fresh air. Even though you can’t control the rest of the house, keep your room clean. Maybe start cleaning and de-junking the rest of the house if it doesn’t upset your folks.

Fill your life with positive things. Listen to positive music. Watch only positive shows and avoid the news.

I don’t know where you are spiritually, but know that God is there. You can call out to him anytime and ask him for help.

If you’ve not attended college in the past you have federal financial aid dollars that can be accessed for a bachelor’s degree. The cheapest and most flexible way to start classes is at a community college. See if there is any sort of public school in your area (not a for-profit school, but a community college or state college or university) and go to the welcome center or counseling center and ask how to apply and ask how to fill out the FAFSA form. Because you are unemployed you may be offered a work-study job, grants, loans and other options. You can start taking basic classes like composition, history, and math to get started and see if school is for you and what major might be a good fit. When you need textbooks, you can save a ton of money renting them from

You never know what life has around the corner for you. So start moving forward and you will find it. It’s going to be okay. -Jenna

Hi @JeremyType1

You say you have been in the hospital 3 times for DKA? Just wondering, were you passsed out or just having high ketones? I have never been hospitalized for my T1 in 42 years.

Maybe you could have a law case for EEOC … sound like it to me.

For me, while I use a pump and sensor, when I am angry or stressed … my BG goes through the roof … forget the basal rate …

Sorry about you situation. I am glad you have an outlet here.

I would also seek free mental health counseling - couldn’t hurt.


Have you tried going through government unemployment agencies like Vocational Rehabilitation? I know they help some people pay for school, but they are mostly used to help people like us with a disability to get employment. You don’t have to have filed for disability in the past, but since you are already receiving government assistance then more than likely they can help you find work. I haven’t personally used their resources for a job but they were helpful in college getting accommodations for school and they can work with your doctor to get you accomodations with your job. That way if you are late due to a low, or need to take meal/snack breaks your job legally has to cooperate or else you can report them to the EEOC for violating ADA laws. I know looking for jobs can be stressful, I have opened and closed a business and had to go back to square one (waiting tables - not the best job for a diabetic) but I am rediscovering my passions as I go along. Have patience with yourself and your diabetes, I know this can be difficult but remember we are here for you!

Pura Vida!

Iv’e been to the Doctors 3 times, and the ER twice, in the past month
I aint bouta keep letting diabetes slow me down, I’m "Sick of High Blood Sugar"
and im willing to do something about it! - Fight the Highs


I wish you the very best in your journey. It sounds like you’re having a lot of of stressful issues with your family and your diabetes.

Your comments on your personal page ask about smoking marijuana and whether that can affect your diabetes. I don’t believe in that just smoking marijuana affects diabetes but obviously if you get the munchies and you wind up eating too much and you’re not adjusting your insulin for it you will have highs like he did when he walked into your doctors office.

If you could explain a little bit more about your situation I’m sure people would be happy to give you their advice. For instance are you taking shots or are you in the pump do you exercise do you have a lot of stress.

You can be a little more detailed and we could specifically be able to maybe give you our advice in our personal life



you are abosolutely right about those munchies! lol
but I am new to this site, and deffinetly used to keeping my private life private.
I am in novolog and lantus, I am very active, I exercise and diet. However the nicotine cells
from a cigarette are very large, so are sugar and insulin cells, if you are a diabetic smoking
nicotine, these cells rip you veins up, I was just curious if Marijuana did the same to your veins?