Latley I have just been super stressed out! It’s summer vacation so my brain has turne to jello and managing my diabetes has been slipping. I have been up in the highs and splurging on my carb counting and I know it is only hurting me but I just get so stressed trying to deal with the fact that I will NEVER get a vacation from my diabetes. I did have a pretty good A1C but at this rate it has got to be pretty terrible :frowning: how can I deal with all the stress that comes with diabetes and how can I get back on track ??

I do the same thing! And I do try to stay calm, take a deep breath and tell myself to just take things one day at a time, but I mean it's ridiculously hard. :( I have my religion, which helps me more than I can say, but not everyone is religious, so maybe you could figure out something you love a LOT and let that help you. What do you love? Remember that can help keep your head steady and that your sugars are more likely to be healthy if you focus more than anything else on something that makes you who you are.