Struggling to Cope

Hello everyone my name is Lindsey and I was diagnosed at the age of 18 with T1D, my dad has it as well. I am now 20 and I’m still struggling to come to terms with this disease. I have a mental break down just about anytime I give myself a shot because I’m not absorbing insulin anymore like I should, let me explain. I am about 100lbs and my doctors have told me to stop counting carbs and dieting because I’m already so small I don’t need to lose more weight! This means I can only inject in my tummy area, which seems to no longer be absorbing like it should. Since it’s not working, I take more units to try and help it along but the insulin just burns and hurts so bad that I find it hard to accept that this is what I have to do everyday. Anyone else struggling with insulin burning and hurting? I’ve been feeling defeated these last 2 years I’ve been diagnosed. Can someone relate?

Hi Lindsey. My daughter weighs about the same as you and the medical professionals have concerns about her losing any more weight. They have explained to us that it is dangerous for her BMI to slip down any further - and it compounds a lot of problems. At one stage, she wasn’t absorbing insulin well and we switched brands which workedl. And although she much prefers injecting n her stomach, if necessary she must inject in her arm. The endocrinologist suggested that she have a meal replacement shake AS WELL AS her normal breakfast, and we are trying that. It is so important to nourish yourself - with food, self acceptance, help and love. I hope you have someone you can chat to about all that is going on in your life. T1 is hard work, all consuming and can “eat away at you”. Look after yourself. All the best.

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Hi Lindsey @lindseyyself, yes I can relate to what you are experiencing - over the past 62 years of living with insulin I’ve ben through what is happening to you. OUCH!

You don’t mention the type of insulin you are using or the method of glucose regulation you are employing, so my response is kind of general. I’m skinny too with a BMI of about 20 and although right now I’ve use a pump with Humalog, over the years I’ve used at least 8 different kinds of insulin and injected and infused with countless methods. Yes, many insulins burn and I feel that constantly even after so many years.

I think for proper diabetes management you need to count carbohydrates in some manner but I for one never even look at calories other than to make sure I get as many as possible especially when I’d be outside in snow all day long. Keep in mind that now that your diabetes is beginning to “mature”, that your basic insulin need will increase and you will somehow need to suffer through the pain if injection - when I was using needles and pens, I found that my butt cheeks worked good as far as pain and absorption went. You may be absorbing insulin just as effectively but just need more. Although my total daily insulin now is the same as it was in 1957, there were times in my life when I needed about five times the dose of insulin to manage the same amount of food.

Let’s continue sharing your progress, and A Warm, warm Welcome to TypeOneNation!!!