so i have had diabetes for 8 years now and i struggled for a lil while and then got things under control but for the last year i have been struggling again. there is a part of me that just doesn't care and would rather have higher blood sugars because it helps keep my weight down. i have always been a bit bigger, but i know that i can maintain a healthy weight however every time i start taking care of my diabetes i feel like my weight gets out of control. i know that it doesn't have to, but it does. this just kind of depresses me and makes me care less about taking care of my diabetes. i have joined juvenation in hopes that i will gain some new supportive and helpful friends to be there when others can't or simply just don't understand. would love to hear from others and make some  new friends too :)

I have had diabetes for 7 years now, and I completely understand what you are talking about. I have been struggling too, with my blood sugars and my A1C levels. I am on the pump and I work very hard to maintain blood sugar levels, but my A1C levels are still pretty high. I get depressed sometimes too, I just try to do something fun, like hang out with friends or watch movies.

Hope all works out... maybe we can talk :)

- amanda

i would love to talk...we are close in age and it seems like we might be going through a lot of the same experiences. would love to chat more i will start a conversation with you :)