Study re: T1 risk

Saw this today about possibility of type of infant formula that could reduce risk of getting T1.


And I can hear the breast-Nazis right now: JUST KEEP BREAST FEEDING!!!

But for women who can't breastfeed (yes breast-Nazis, some women literally can't), or for women who want to stop before the kid's on all solid foods, this would be nice to have.

(Disclaimer:  I think breastfeeding is awesome.  I just really dislike when someone decides that what they consider the "best" decision is the only best decision in every single situation ever.  And good god, breast-Nazis seem to be the pushiest Nazis ever!  Except for, you know, Nazi-Nazis...)

Weird...  Is it really necessary to auto-censor B-R-E-A-S-T?  It's not even a taboo word.

And they edited N-A-Z-I-S?  Now my comment makes no sense!  :p