Study to maintain beta cells

I have just been contacted for a study taking place in Canada on remaining Beta cells for newly diagnosed individuals with type 1. I am really excited and hope to get in. It is kind of nerve racking as well, I am taking 5 classes and working 3 days a week 120 miles from where I go to school and the study takes place another 350 miles away. Its 8 days of injections and then weekly follow ups... I need to find a solution and fit this into my schedule. Apparently, the study has seen an average of 65% reduction in the need for insulin 18 months after injections, its really promising. Anyways, just thought I would share the stress of it all!

Other than that, 3 weeks into my diagnosis, back at school, back at work, things are going well. I just need to remember to get some physical exercise daily as it seems to really help my numbers. 

Also, anybody who lives in Canada, near Montreal, there is a study taking place on the genetic factors for diabetics. I took part as did both my parents. They are trying to find the genes that may play a role in determining the risk for diabetes. Its quick, only a few blood samples and thats it. It would help a lot. Please contact me (personal message or something) if you are interested, or in the area.


that's awesome you got into that study Pat :) I wish you the best of luck with figuring out how to fit that all in! (I am not jealous of you in that regard, I have done the school 5days a week, work 6-7days a week double shifts before haha)