Stupid comments

I am just wondering.... How many of you think your child is "sick"?  Well, I don't! And I hate when people make comments like "Oh your Daughter has to drink that juice because she is sick".! She is a perfectly normal kid that does more than some children without Diabetes do!  Makes me mad!  I know that some people don't know a lot about Type 1 Diabetes but than you know what just don't say anything....

Ok thanks for letting me vent!




I know how you feel.... I think the stupidest thing i was told was "How can your daughter have diabetes, she is so pretty!"... I was so caught off guard i really didn't know what to say. All i could think was "when did T1 diabetes become a ugly peoples disorder?"....and of course you always hear "I'm SO SORRY for you!" and i ask back, WHY?! i TELL people DON'T feel sorry for us, because my daughter is HEALTHY AND HAPPY!! Her A1c is 7.0 and she is doing WONDERFUL!! She does EVERYTHING she did before being diagnosed and honestly she is in better shape then she was this time last year..... Yeah, the comments people can make just let you realize just how much education about diabetes is NOT out there..... The other comment that i find amusing is when we are told "She doesn't look diabetic!" Hello, what is a diabetic suppose to look like??? Just because you have a disorder (yes, i refer to diabetes as a disorder, not a disease) doesn't mean you have to look like you are on your "deathbed".....T1's are very healthy (most are healthier than the average person) Why, because they take care of themselves the way everyone should.......

Thanks for starting the vent, Jill :)....I'm sure there where will a lot of added post to this one (smile)

Oh boy, I'll try to keep this short. My mom is the worst about "encouraging" my son to take his insulin or eat his snack by saying things like, "Eat (or take your shot) so you won't get sick" or even worse, "Let mama give you your medicine." My husband and I are very careful about the vocabulary we use. We don't tell him he'll get sick, but we will say he will feel bad. I don't ever call insulin medicine because that implies that he is sick. I don't even use the word 'shot.' I will say injection sometimes, but mostly just call it his insulin. I have tried to beat this (not literally) into my mom's head.

I can't stand it when I share with a family member, usually my mom or dad, what his BG is and they respond by telling me, "That's bad" or just saying "Trish!" as if I did something wrong. I never tell Brandan his sugar is bad or good. It's just right, too high or too low.

He has a long time to live with this disease and I won't let him think he's sick all the time. I won't let him feel like he's doing something bad or good based on the number on his meter, but I will teach him the importance of the numbers and how to use them as a guideline.

OK, I'll stop, for now. ;)

Wow!  "How can your daughter have diabetes, she is so pretty!" that is one I haven't heard yet and my daughter is pretty too! LOL!! I have heard the " I am so sorry" line though.  Why are you sorry?? There is nothing to be sorry about!  Does it suck that Jensyn has diabetes... absolutely but don't be sorry!  I know people just don't get it and I shouldn't get so frustrated when things are said sometimes but it just got to me the other day when Jensyn and I were at the grocery store and I ran into someone that I haven't seen in awhile and we started talking diabetes and I mentioned that Jensyn just went on the pump and she says..."Oh it hasn't went away yet?".  WHAT??!! Honestly, we had to just walk away and Jensyn looked at me and just shook her head and than we chuckled.

Thanks for sharing!! :) Keep smiling :)


I dont mind those "stupid comments" to much it gives me the chance to educate the person I am talking to. Thankfully most people who I come into contact with actually want to know what it is all about and dont assume things. I have had more than one person tho that knows nothing about it say dumb things it just makes me shake my head tho. When they listen its great but I have those that dont and repeat their misconceptions and that bugs me. Like sugar free candy we were told dont bother with it. One it still has carbs so you need insulin for it anyhow might as well get the real stuff and enjoy it lol. I have said this a few times to certain people but they still buy her the sugar free stuff which gives her a belly ache and she cant eat it.