Stupid diabetic seizures

I woke up with a paramedic in my face, its horrible! as it turns out this past week ive been having seizures from lows. my doctor adjusted my settings so hopefully it stops, but seizures hurt! at least my A1C went down to 7.7 =/

I’ve had severe lows like these in the past and they’re nasty. The last one I had before getting a pump made me so sick.

What’s going on? Is your basal rate off? Are you not bolusing right? Exercise change?

What time of day are you having them? You might want to increase your target blood sugar until you can go for a few weeks with no lows.

Doctors are okay at adjusting rates, but you will do best becoming knowledgeable and working with your doctor. Reading “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh and “Think Like a Pancreas” by Gary Scheiner. Don’t screw around. These type of lows are what kill young type 1 diabetics, not complications.

I have dealt with extreme lows many times. I came to the conclusion that the 2 primary reasons were: over compensation for a high glucose reading; or, basal dosage is too high. If you manually inject, do not panic with a high reading, and dose high without eating. If your Basal dose is even 2 units too high, it can sneak up on you. If you are using a pump and cgm, adjust setting to notify you sooner. Good Luck