Stupid idiot! guess what he said!

Oh my god.

there is this kid named Gio at my school and i have some history with him. well one day he decides to tell me that im a desiese and called my the unforgivable C word (the one women hate) and it got me SOOO ticked off! I hated that he said i was a desiese even though i have a desiese it was so cruel. Anyone know someone like that?

that is messed up i would have punched hime in the face lol!! just kidding!! but no one i no is like that but, you should just forget about him cuz he is a JERK!!!

One time I punched a guy whos twice as tall as me who I've known since kindergarten because he was like,"OH NO! Better not get to close or I'll catch diabetes!"

In High School someone once put a sign on my locker that said "Got Pancreas" another time a kid looked at as I was eating something and goes oh look Brian, your Pancreas is on the floor better get it before it gets away.

He's an IDIOT. An ignorant idiot.

what losers. that's just not cool i mean i don't remember ever getting teased for my diabetes but i did get teased because of other things. thing is look at it with humor. don't let it get to you. i find it funny now days at some of the things kids would say to me. :D have a positive attitude.

I think when people say things like this, they don't realize the impact of their words. They look at it as funny but probably don't realize how much it can hurt. I would just tell him honestly "I really hate that, no joke, it hurts my feelings" , then maybe he would realize 

I know I must sound really stupid, but if I may ask...

What's the "C word?"


P.S. I'm slow today!

Jackie, the guy who "took it back" is an idiot. Someone who would do something like that is completely ignorant of the situation and not concerned enough to learn, and you don't want to be involved with someone like that. As for Gio, I had really hoped my gender had evolved beyond crap like that, and I can promise not all guys are that horrid. You are not a disease, you are a person, and you deserve respect!

As for the guy you like, there are two options. One, you can keep wondering about whether or not to ask him out, which will slowly but surely drive you completely mad. Two, ask him out and be upfront with him on your date about diabetes. If he is cool with it, you are all set. If he isn't, then you didn't want to date him anyway. The fact is that there is nothing wrong with being ignorant; everyone is ignorant about something until they learn about it. The key is the willingness to learn. If your guy says, "OK, tell me about it" then great! If he asks "Is it contagious?" don't get mad at him, he doesn't know yet. Good luck!


Once, there was a kid who would start yelling every time he saw me, "AHH RUN AWAY HE WILL GIVE YOU DIABETES!!!" I was furious!! But once i saw him alone with no one around and confronted him and he never said it again. He was always embarrassing me! Good thing it over!

[quote user="Sarah"]

I know I must sound really stupid, but if I may ask...

What's the "C word?"


P.S. I'm slow today!


It probably rhymes with the baseball term that refers to a batter hitting the ball lightly without swinging the bat. Similarly, it probably rhymes with what you call a baby animal that is uncharacteristically small.

How very diplomatic of you, Trevor!  Way to go!  Helpful, but also respectful!

Sarah, it also rhymes with what Evil Knievil (sp?) was famous for (in the singular form).  And also rhymes with what some do, in the woods, with rifles while others use a bow and arrow...

Haha, thanks. I got it now.


And Jackie, I'm sorry for you. There are just way too many inconsiderate people out there.

wow i would have decked the guy and then walked away.

I know a lot of people like that. When I was like 7-8 this one girl would (EVERY FREIKING RECESS!) chase me and sscream, "I want diabetes s I can eat candy all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!) The tteacher would explain every single day that she was wrong but it was still terriable! and really mean of her! :(

I got teased and picked on a lot when I was in school. But I was never, ever picked on for my diabetes. It's pretty much the only thing I didn't get picked on for! Each year whoever my teacher was would explain my diabetes to the other kids in my class, and they were all pretty good about it. One time there was a strike by the school support staff, and during the strike we were forbidden from eating on the school grounds. But they had to make an exception for me because of my diabetes. Well, one day a kid who wasn't in my class got on my case about eating my morning snack at school. The kids from my class all surrounded him and started yelling at him, "She's a diabetic! She's allowed to eat! Leave her alone!"

butts like him are not even worth the time worrying about what they have to say, smile, hold your head high and move on :)