Stupid people

So I'm at a friends house watching the CFL's grey cup game, and my wife phones me to tell me our sons levels were under 3..Concerned I tell her give him some juice and a snack, little while later I'm about to go home to say goodnight to Jesse. another school friend from 10 years ago was on the computer watching some show, so being the fool i am i started blabbing away while he was trying to watch this program, this F'N moron had the gall to say to me,  why don't you just go home before your son dies..........I was in total shock I I I I all I could say is that was totally inappropriate and uncalled i just live across the street told my wife what this a** said she got her shoes on so damn fast went over there and reemed this guy out, when i got back to the party this individual was just getting ready to leave he spoke no words to me i didnt look at him, whats worse is the party host said i shouldnt of told my um yea i shouldve of..he essentialy defeneded the guys comments because i was bugging this guy while he was on the computer...This person who made the comment didnt take his eyes off the computer the whole time my wife was lashing out at him and his apology was made while looking at the screen...needless to say i need to find new friends...I had wrote a blog on it as well just copy n pasted but thought this might be seen by more people

Your wife sounds awesome!  Yeah, new friends might be in order...

That guys a dick and your wife's tottaly in the clear, but How ridiculous was that game?

I experience this alot, high schoolers think they're problems are so important. My friend decided to complain to me about someone throwing his water bottle at 6:50 in the morning on a school day when my blood sugar was high and I was already totally fed up with things in general. It took all my moral strength not to whack the guy over his head.

What was worse was right before he told me, I told him how awfull I felt and he said "WELL, that's nothing compared to blah blah blah nonsense problem about an easily replacable peice of plastic"

Some people are really ignorant, and the thing to do is ignore them. In your case I think you had every right to tell the guy off, and yes, I beleive some new friends might be in order.

By the way is your son very young, as in todler, or a bit older? I was diagnosed when I was eight.

I do hope he's felling well. I know it can be tough.

you can't fix stupid.  This is a gift.  He identified himself and showed you who he was, before you had an opportunity to trust him.

If the guy has an ounce of a conscience ,he will later feel guilt and embarrassment over that comment :( sorry that he said that..and hope he comes around and makes it right if possible..

Your wife..... left your son by himself?